H.B. 78   Marriage Defense Fund (Nelson, M.)
Date Action Location Vote
1/24/2014 Bill Numbered but not Distributed LRGC
1/24/2014 Numbered Bill Publicly Distributed LRGC
1/24/2014 LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal input LRGC
1/27/2014 House/ received bill from Legislative Research HCLERK
1/27/2014 House/ 1st reading (Introduced) HSTRUL
1/27/2014 LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor HSTRUL
1/29/2014 LFA/ fiscal note publicly available HSTRUL
1/29/2014 House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst HSTRUL
3/13/2014 House/ strike enacting clause HCLERK
3/13/2014 House/ filed HFILE