H.B. 134 Substitute  Firearm Safety Amendments (Eliason, S.)
Date Action Location Vote
2/14/2014 Bill Numbered but not Distributed LRGC
2/14/2014 Numbered Bill Publicly Distributed LRGC
2/14/2014 House/ received bill from Legislative Research HCLERK
2/14/2014 House/ 1st reading (Introduced) HSTRUL
2/24/2014 House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst HSTRUL
2/24/2014 House/ to standing committee HSTHHS
2/26/2014 LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal input HSTHHS
2/26/2014 House Comm - Substitute Recommendation HSTHHS
2/26/2014 House Comm - Favorable Recommendation HSTHHS 8 0 1
2/26/2014 Bill Substituted by Standing Committee HSTHHS
2/26/2014 House/ comm rpt/ substituted HSTHHS
2/26/2014 House/ 2nd reading H3RDHB
3/1/2014 LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor H3RDHB
3/5/2014 House/ 3rd Reading Calendar to Rules HSTRUL
3/6/2014 House/ Rules to 3rd Reading Calendar H3RDHB
3/10/2014 House/ 3rd reading H3RDHB
3/10/2014 House/ substituted HSUB Voice Vote