Chief Sponsor: Patrice M. Arent

Senate Sponsor: Todd Weiler

6     Cosponsors:
7     Jacob L. Anderegg
8     Johnny Anderson
9     Stewart Barlow
10     Joel K. Briscoe
11     Rebecca Chavez-Houck
12     Kay J. Christofferson
13     Rich Cunningham
14     Sophia M. DiCaro
Susan Duckworth
Rebecca P. Edwards
Justin L. Fawson
Craig Hall
Stephen G. Handy
Sandra Hollins
Brian S. King
Justin J. Miller
Carol Spackman Moss
Curtis Oda
Lee B. Perry
Marie H. Poulson
Edward H. Redd
Angela Romero
V. Lowry Snow
Mark A. Wheatley

17     General Description:
18          This bill modifies provisions related to motor vehicle emissions.
19     Highlighted Provisions:
20          This bill:
21          ▸     gives the Division of Motor Vehicles the authority to suspend a vehicle's
22     registration if the vehicle does not meet air emissions standards.
23     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
24          None
25     Other Special Clauses:
26          None
27     Utah Code Sections Affected:
28     AMENDS:

29          41-1a-110, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2008, Chapter 322

31     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
32          Section 1. Section 41-1a-110 is amended to read:
33          41-1a-110. Authority of division to suspend or revoke registration, certificate of
34     title, license plate, or permit.
35          (1) Except as provided in Subsections (3) and (4), the division may suspend or revoke
36     a registration, certificate of title, license plate, or permit if:
37          (a) the division is satisfied that a registration, certificate of title, license plate, or permit
38     was fraudulently procured or erroneously issued;
39          (b) the division determines that a registered vehicle is mechanically unfit or unsafe to
40     be operated or moved upon the highways;
41          (c) a registered vehicle has been dismantled;
42          (d) the division determines that the required fee has not been paid and the fee is not
43     paid upon reasonable notice and demand;
44          (e) a registration decal, license plate, or permit is knowingly displayed upon a vehicle
45     other than the one for which issued;
46          (f) the division determines that the owner has committed any offense under this chapter
47     involving the registration, certificate of title, registration card, license plate, registration decal,
48     or permit; or
49          (g) the division receives notification by the Department of Transportation that the
50     owner has committed any offence under Title 72, Chapter 9, Motor Carrier Safety Act.
51          (2) (a) The division shall revoke the registration of a vehicle if the division receives
52     notification by the:
53          (i) Department of Public Safety that a person:
54          (A) has been convicted of operating a registered motor vehicle in violation of Section
55     41-12a-301 or 41-12a-303.2; or
56          (B) is under an administrative action taken by the Department of Public Safety for

57     operating a registered motor vehicle in violation of Section 41-12a-301; or
58          (ii) designated agent that the owner of a motor vehicle:
59          (A) has failed to provide satisfactory proof of owner's or operator's security to the
60     designated agent after the second notice provided under Section 41-12a-804; or
61          (B) provided a false or fraudulent statement to the designated agent.
62          (b) The division shall notify the Driver License Division if the division revokes the
63     registration of a vehicle under Subsection (2)(a)(ii)(A).
64          (3) The division may not suspend or revoke the registration of a vessel or outboard
65     motor unless authorized under Section 73-18-7.3.
66          (4) The division may not suspend or revoke the registration of an off-highway vehicle
67     unless authorized under Section 41-22-17.
68          (5) The division shall charge a registration reinstatement fee under Section 41-1a-1220,
69     if the registration is revoked under Subsection (1)(f).
70          (6) Except as provided in Subsections (3), (4), and (7), the division may suspend or
71     revoke a registered vehicle's registration if the division is notified by a local health department,
72     as defined in Section 26A-1-102, that the registered vehicle is unable to meet state or local air
73     emissions standards.
74          (7) The division may not suspend or revoke a registered vehicle's registration under
75     Subsection (6) if the registered vehicle has a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating that is
76     greater than 26,000 pounds.