Chief Sponsor: Keven J. Stratton

Senate Sponsor: Curtis S. Bramble

6     Cosponsors:
7     Jacob L. Anderegg
8     Johnny Anderson
9     Patrice M. Arent
10     Stewart Barlow
11     Joel K. Briscoe
12     Melvin R. Brown
13     Rebecca Chavez-Houck
14     Scott H. Chew
15     LaVar Christensen
16     Kay J. Christofferson
17     Kim Coleman
18     Jon Cox
19     Rich Cunningham
20     Bruce R. Cutler
21     Brad M. Daw
22     Brad L. Dee
23     Sophia M. DiCaro
24     Jack R. Draxler
25     Susan Duckworth
26     James A. Dunnigan
27     Rebecca P. Edwards
28     Steve Eliason
29     Justin L. Fawson
Gage Froerer
Francis D. Gibson
Brian M. Greene
Keith Grover
Craig Hall
Stephen G. Handy
Timothy D. Hawkes
Sandra Hollins
Gregory H. Hughes
Eric K. Hutchings
Don L. Ipson
Ken Ivory
Michael S. Kennedy
Brad King
Brian S. King
John Knotwell
Bradley G. Last
David E. Lifferth
Kay L. McIff
Mike K. McKell
Justin J. Miller
Carol Spackman Moss
Merrill F. Nelson
Michael E. Noel
Curtis Oda
Lee B. Perry
Jeremy A. Peterson
Val L. Peterson
Dixon M. Pitcher
Marie H. Poulson
Kraig Powell
Paul Ray
Edward H. Redd
Marc K. Roberts
Angela Romero
Douglas V. Sagers
Scott D. Sandall
Dean Sanpei
Mike Schultz
V. Lowry Snow
Robert M. Spendlove
Jon E. Stanard
Earl D. Tanner
Norman K Thurston
Raymond P. Ward
R. Curt Webb
John R. Westwood
Mark A. Wheatley

30     Brad R. Wilson


33     General Description:
34          This bill modifies the Designation of State Highways Act by designating the Rebecca
35     D. Lockhart section of the Veterans Memorial Highway.
36     Highlighted Provisions:
37          This bill:
38          ▸     designates the existing portions of Interstate Highway 15 from Lehi Main Street,
39     SR-73, to Spanish Fork Main Street, SR-156, as the Rebecca D. Lockhart section of
40     the Veterans Memorial Highway; and
41          ▸     requires the Department of Transportation to make the designation of this highway
42     on future state highway maps.
43     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
44          None
45     Other Special Clauses:
46          None
47     Utah Code Sections Affected:
48     ENACTS:
49          72-4-215, Utah Code Annotated 1953

51     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
52          Section 1. Section 72-4-215 is enacted to read:
53          72-4-215. Rebecca D. Lockhart section of the Veterans Memorial Highway.
54          (1) There is established the Rebecca D. Lockhart section of the Veterans Memorial
55     Highway composed of the existing portions of Interstate Highway 15 from Lehi Main Street,
56     SR-73, to Spanish Fork Main Street, SR-156.

57          (2) In addition to other official designations, the Department of Transportation shall
58     designate the portions of the highway identified in Subsection (1) as the Rebecca D. Lockhart
59     section on future state highway maps.