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33     General Description:
34          This resolution of the House of Representatives honors the life and service of former
35     Speaker Rebecca D. Lockhart.
36     Highlighted Provisions:
37          This resolution:
38          ▸     honors former Speaker Rebecca D. Lockhart for her years of faithful, tireless service
39     to the citizens of the state of Utah and the legislative process; and
40          ▸     expresses the House's deepest sympathy to the members of her family.
41     Special Clauses:
42          None

44     Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the state of Utah:
45          WHEREAS, Rebecca D. Lockhart was born in Reno, Nevada, on November 20th,
46     1968;
47          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart attended Brigham Young University where she obtained
48     a degree in nursing;
49          WHEREAS, Speaker Rebecca D. Lockhart was elected to the Utah House of
50     Representatives on January 1st, 1999, at the age of 30;
51          WHEREAS, during her tenure in the Utah House of Representatives, Speaker Lockhart
52     served on the Access to Health Care and Coverage Task Force; the Administrative Rules
53     Review Committee; the Commission on Federalism; the Education Interim Committee; the
54     Education Task Force; the Executive Appropriations Committee; the Health and Human
55     Services Appropriations Subcommittee; the Health and Human Services Interim Committee;
56     the House Education Committee; the House Government Operations Committee; the House
57     Health and Human Services Committee; the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
58     Committee; the House Legislative Expense Oversight Committee; the House Management

59     Committee; the House Quasi-Governmental Entities Committee; the House Retirement and
60     Independent Entities Committee; the House Revenue and Taxation Committee; the House
61     Rules Committee; the House Rules Interim Committee; the House Transportation Committee;
62     the House Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development Committee; the
63     Joint House and Senate Rules Committee; the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal
64     Justice Interim Committee; the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee; the
65     Legislative Audit Subcommittee; the Legislative Management Committee; the Legislative
66     Policy Summit; the Legislative Records Committee; the Natural Resources Appropriations
67     Subcommittee; the Privately Owned Health Care Organization Task Force; the Public
68     Education Appropriations Subcommittee; the Quasi-Governmental Entities Appropriations
69     Subcommittee; the Redistricting Committee; the Retirement and Independent Entities
70     Appropriations Subcommittee; the Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee; the
71     Subcommittee on Oversight; the Tobacco Subcommittee; the Transportation Interim
72     Committee; the Transportation Planning Task Force; the Transportation, Environmental
73     Quality, National Guard, and Veterans' Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee; the Utah
74     Constitutional Revision Commission; and the Workforce Services Interim Committee;
75          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart faithfully served the citizens of the state of Utah as a
76     member of the House of Representatives for 16 years;
77          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart's service to the citizens of the state of Utah was
78     exemplary;
79          WHEREAS, beginning in 2011, Speaker Lockhart served two terms as the Speaker of
80     the House;
81          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart was a loving wife to her husband, Stan, and devoted
82     mother to her children, Hannah, Emily, and Stephen;
83          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart will always be remembered for her strength in
84     leadership, selflessness in public service, devotion to family, trust in God's providence, and
85     gratitude for a life fully lived;
86          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart was known for her inclusiveness and for fostering close

87     friendships among the minority party during her time in the Legislature;
88          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart is widely revered as an exceptional role model for
89     young women as Utah's first female Speaker;
90          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart's unwavering commitment to Utah's school children,
91     economic development, and the bolstering of Utah's transportation infrastructure will be felt for
92     generations;
93          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart was a tireless advocate for women in public service;
94          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart's life will be remembered as one of depth and
95     accomplishment;
96          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart will be remembered as a wonderful example of the civic
97     engagement that is the lifeblood of democracy and for a life spent in the service of others;
98          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart's commitment to engaging youth in public service was
99     unmatched;
100          WHEREAS, Speaker Lockhart was known for reaching out to members of all faiths and
101     her service in her own church; and
102          WHEREAS, her tireless leadership brought great distinction to the state of Utah:
103          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the House of Representatives of the
104     state of Utah expresses its most heartfelt gratitude for the life and service of Rebecca D.
105     Lockhart, former Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives.
106          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the House of Representatives expresses its deepest
107     sympathy to the family of former Speaker Rebecca D. Lockhart and assures them that she will
108     always be remembered with love and gratitude by the citizens of Utah.
109          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be presented to the
110     members of the Lockhart family.