Senator Howard A. Stephenson proposes the following substitute bill:




Chief Sponsor: Howard A. Stephenson

House Sponsor: Eric K. Hutchings


8     General Description:
9          This bill enacts and amends provisions relating to world language requirements for
10     secondary students.
11     Highlighted Provisions:
12          This bill:
13          ▸     provides for the State Board of Education to establish proficiency in a world
14     language as a graduation requirement;
15          ▸     provides for the State Board of Education to establish a biliterate proficiency seal;
16          ▸     establishes requirements for a student to receive a biliterate proficiency seal on the
17     student's high school diploma;
18          ▸     requires the State Board of Education to make rules;
19          ▸     requires a local education agency to place a biliterate proficiency seal on the high
20     school diploma of a qualifying student;
21          ▸     requires a local education agency to indicate on a qualifying student's high school
22     transcript that the student has received a biliterate proficiency seal; and
23          ▸     modifies the world language education requirement to qualify for a Board of
24     Regents scholarship.
25     Money Appropriated in this Bill:

26          None
27     Other Special Clauses:
28          None
29     Utah Code Sections Affected:
30     AMENDS:
31          53A-13-108, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2014, Chapter 70
32          53B-8-109, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2013, Chapter 64
33     ENACTS:
34          53A-13-108.1, Utah Code Annotated 1953

36     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
37          Section 1. Section 53A-13-108 is amended to read:
38          53A-13-108. Curriculum and graduation requirements.
39          (1) The State Board of Education shall establish rigorous curriculum and graduation
40     requirements under Section 53A-1-402 for grades 9 through 12 that:
41          (a) are consistent with state law and federal regulations; and
42          (b) beginning no later than with the graduating class of 2008:
43          (i) use competency-based standards and assessments;
44          (ii) include instruction that stresses general financial literacy from basic budgeting to
45     financial investments, including bankruptcy education and a general financial literacy test-out
46     option; and
47          (iii) increase graduation requirements in language arts, mathematics, and science to
48     exceed the existing credit requirements of 3.0 units in language arts, 2.0 units in mathematics,
49     and 2.0 units in science.
50          (2) Beginning with the graduating class of 2020, the State Board of Education shall
51     establish a graduation requirement that a student shall at a minimum:
52          (a) study the same world language, as defined in Section 53A-13-108.1, for two years
53     during grades 7 through 12; or
54          (b) qualify for a biliterate proficiency seal described in Section 53A-13-108.1.
55          [(2)] (3) The State Board of Education shall also establish competency-based standards
56     and assessments for elective courses.

57          [(3)] (4) On or before July 1, 2014, the State Board of Education shall adopt revised
58     course standards and objectives for the course of instruction in general financial literacy
59     described in Subsection (1)(b) that address:
60          (a) the costs of going to college, student loans, scholarships, and the Free Application
61     for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); and
62          (b) technology that relates to banking, savings, and financial products.
63          [(4)] (5) The State Board of Education shall administer the course of instruction in
64     general financial literacy described in Subsection (1)(b) in the same manner as other core
65     curriculum courses for grades 9 through 12 are administered.
66          Section 2. Section 53A-13-108.1 is enacted to read:
67          53A-13-108.1. Biliterate proficiency seal.
68          (1) As used in this section:
69          (a) "Biliterate proficiency seal" means a seal placed on a student's high school diploma
70     that indicates a student has achieved:
71          (i) in a world language, a level of proficiency described in Subsection (2)(c)(i) in one
72     of the following three categories:
73          (A) novice;
74          (B) intermediate; or
75          (C) advanced; and
76          (ii) proficiency in English.
77          (b) "Board" means the State Board of Education.
78          (c) "Local education agency" or "LEA" means:
79          (i) a school district;
80          (ii) a charter school; or
81          (iii) the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.
82          (d) "World language" means a language other than English, including:
83          (i) American Sign Language;
84          (ii) a classical language; or
85          (iii) an indigenous language.
86          (e) "Utah Performance Assessment System for Students" means the same as that term
87     is defined in Section 53A-1-602.

88          (2) The board shall:
89          (a) establish a biliterate proficiency seal for placement on a student's high school
90     diploma;
91          (b) prepare appropriate insignias for an LEA to place on a student diploma to indicate
92     each of the proficiency levels described in Subsection (1)(a)(i); and
93          (c) make rules, in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative
94     Rulemaking Act, that:
95          (i) establish the requirements a student shall meet to achieve:
96          (A) a high level of proficiency in a novice category;
97          (B) at least a moderate level of proficiency in an intermediate category; and
98          (C) at least a low level of proficiency in an advanced category; and
99          (ii) require an LEA to determine whether a student meets the requirements for a
100     biliterate proficiency seal described in Subsection (3).
101          (3) A student shall receive a biliterate proficiency seal if the student demonstrates
102     proficiency in:
103          (a) a world language by meeting the proficiency requirements described in Subsection
104     (2)(c)(i); and
105          (b) English by:
106          (i) completing all English language arts graduation requirements with an overall grade
107     point average of 2.0 or above in English language arts classes; and
108          (ii) scoring at the proficient level or above on the Utah Performance Assessment
109     System for Students test in English language arts and literacy administered in grade 11.
110          (4) If a student qualifies to receive a biliterate proficiency seal, an LEA shall:
111          (a) place a biliterate proficiency seal on the student's high school diploma, indicating
112     the student's category of world language proficiency; and
113          (b) indicate on the student's high school transcript:
114          (i) that the student received a biliterate proficiency seal; and
115          (ii) the category of biliterate proficiency seal the student received.
116          Section 3. Section 53B-8-109 is amended to read:
117          53B-8-109. Regents' Scholarship Program -- Base Regents' scholarship --
118     Qualifications -- Application.

119          (1) A student qualifies for a Base Regents' scholarship if the student:
120          (a) completes the high school graduation requirements of:
121          (i) a public school established by the State Board of Education and the student's school
122     district or charter school; or
123          (ii) a private high school in the state that is accredited by a regional accrediting body
124     approved by the board;
125          (b) completes high school with at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average;
126          (c) has at least one reported ACT test score; [and]
127          (d) (i) completes the following high school or college credit in grades 9-12:
128          (A) four units of credit of English;
129          (B) four units of credit of mathematics;
130          (C) three and one-half units of credit of social science; and
131          (D) three units of credit of lab-based natural science; and
132          [(E) two units of credit of sequential world or classical language other than English;
133     and]
134          (ii) except as provided in Subsection (4), earns a course grade on a transcript of "C" or
135     above in each individual course listed in Subsection (1)(d)(i)[.]; and
136          (e) demonstrates at a minimum, novice proficiency in a world language, as defined in
137     Section 53A-13-108.1, by:
138          (i) qualifying for a biliterate proficiency seal described in Section 53A-13-108.1;
139          (ii) completing the first and second year levels of the same world language, as defined
140     in Section 53A-13-108.1, in grades 7 through 12; or
141          (iii) another means acceptable to the board.
142          (2) The board shall establish policies to determine specific courses that meet the
143     requirements under Subsection (1)(d)(i).
144          (3) To be eligible for the scholarship, a student:
145          (a) shall submit an application to the board with:
146          (i) a copy of the student's official high school transcript and ACT scores; and
147          (ii) if applicable, a college transcript showing a college course the student has
148     completed to meet the requirements of Subsection (1)(d);
149          (b) shall be a citizen of the United States or a noncitizen who is eligible to receive

150     federal student aid;
151          (c) may not have a criminal record, with the exception of a misdemeanor traffic
152     citation; and
153          (d) if applicable, shall meet the application deadlines as established by the board under
154     Subsection 53B-8-108(9).
155          (4) For purposes of determining if a student meets the grade requirements of
156     Subsection (1)(d)(ii), the board shall assign additional weights to grades earned in courses
157     described in Subsection (1)(d)(i) that are advanced placement, concurrent enrollment, or
158     International Baccalaureate program courses.
159          (5) (a) The amount of the Base Regents' scholarship is $1,000.
160          (b) The board may adjust the amount of the Base Regents' scholarship by up to a
161     percentage of the average percentage tuition increase approved by the board for institutions in
162     the system of higher education.
163          (6) (a) The board shall require an applicant for a Regents' scholarship to certify under
164     penalty of perjury that:
165          (i) the applicant is a United States citizen; or
166          (ii) the applicant is a noncitizen who is eligible to receive federal student aid.
167          (b) The certification under this Subsection (6) shall include a statement advising the
168     signer that providing false information subjects the signer to penalties for perjury.