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18     General Description:
19          This concurrent resolution of the Legislature and the Governor recognizes the life and
20     service of Randy Horiuchi.
21     Highlighted Provisions:
22          This resolution:
23          ▸     recognizes the life and service of Randy Horiuchi to the citizens of Utah.
24     Special Clauses:
25          None

27     Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
28          WHEREAS, Randy Horiuchi served as chairman of the Utah Democratic Party and

29     spent 22 years on the Salt Lake County Council and former Salt Lake County Commission;
30          WHEREAS, Randy passed away on November 19, 2015;
31          WHEREAS, Randy was an institution in Salt Lake County government;
32          WHEREAS, Randy's well-known love for sports was only exceeded by his devotion to
33     politics and the Democratic Party;
34          WHEREAS, Randy's long career in public service started with his election as student
35     body president of Cottonwood High School;
36          WHEREAS, Randy was a state high school debate champion;
37          WHEREAS, Randy's foray into politics began when he was 16 years old when he and
38     his brother Wayne walked door-to-door assisting in Raymond Uno's successful campaign for a
39     judgeship;
40          WHEREAS, Randy almost won a seat on the Granite School Board before graduating
41     from the University of Utah and becoming a teacher at Kearns High School;
42          WHEREAS, Randy worked for the Salt Lake Chamber, where he began lobbying and
43     getting to know many more people on both sides of the political aisle;
44          WHEREAS, when he was not holding an office, Randy ran the election campaigns of
45     some of the state's most notable Democrats, including campaigns for Dan Berman, Kem
46     Gardner, and Ted Wilson;
47          WHEREAS, in the mid-1980s Randy served as the Utah Democratic Party chairman
48     and helped build a generation of Democratic leaders, including Blaze Wharton, Jenny Wilson,
49     Frank Pignanelli, Jill Remington Love, Kelly Atkinson, and Sherrie Swensen;
50          WHEREAS, while serving as Utah Democratic Party chairman, Randy once attended a
51     news conference wearing a hazmat suit;
52          WHEREAS, while this and other actions may sometimes have been gimmicks, they
53     always had a purpose behind them and demonstrated Randy's skill in attracting attention to an
54     important issue in a way that was dramatic and got to the heart of the issue;
55          WHEREAS, Randy's enthusiasm was contagious and helped him to develop an
56     uncanny ability to gauge situations and bring people together to find solutions to problems;

57          WHEREAS, Randy was always willing to give a helping hand and was fiercely loyal to
58     his friends;
59          WHEREAS, although an avid Democrat, Randy had as many friends who were
60     Republican as were Democrat;
61          WHEREAS, Randy had a conscience about a lot of issues and was able to say things
62     that needed to be said in a way that was not offensive to anyone because he said them with a
63     sense of humor perfect for the occasion;
64          WHEREAS, Randy was recognized as a force of nature in Utah politics for decades,
65     with unmatched instincts and savvy in political circles;
66          WHEREAS, Randy possessed a rare talent for taking on his opposition with force and
67     skill, yet he rarely let political debate get personal;
68          WHEREAS, Randy's love and enthusiasm for politics was contagious and motivated
69     countless young people to join and remain part of the Utah Democratic Party;
70          WHEREAS, Randy was known for his outgoing nature, but friends say he was
71     successful because he could deal one-on-one with anyone and knew how to connect with
72     people on a personal level, whether it was a homeless person on the street or a person in high
73     political office;
74          WHEREAS, Randy was approachable, was famous for making the people he was
75     talking to at the moment feel like they were "the best," and was so sincere that people really
76     believed they were "the best";
77          WHEREAS, people loved Randy because when he visited with them, he made them
78     feel as though their visit was all about them rather than about himself;
79          WHEREAS, although known for being happy, witty, and charming, Randy knew how
80     to get down to business and serve as a catalyst to get important things done;
81          WHEREAS, Randy was quick to see a person's good qualities and always ready to
82     make a new friend;
83          WHEREAS, while many people Randy mentored over the years had loftier ambitions
84     than local government, Randy chose to serve in county government and once explained, "The

85     privilege has been mine for working for a government that's so misunderstood. It's the Rodney
86     Dangerfield of governments";
87          WHEREAS, Randy added that county government is close to people, some of whom
88     rely on the help they receive from the county, whether through Meals on Wheels for seniors or
89     mental health services;
90          WHEREAS, Randy said of county government that "It's where the action is. It's where
91     people really care about other people";
92          WHEREAS, Randy was skilled in helping people forget their differences by getting
93     them to laugh together;
94          WHEREAS, Randy was well known for such phrases as "nowhere in the history of the
95     universe" and "I'm in, I'm in";
96          WHEREAS, in December 2014, friends, family, and politicians paid tribute to Randy at
97     a luncheon as he prepared to leave public service;
98          WHEREAS, the event culminated with an announcement of the new Randy Horiuchi
99     Political Fellowship at Westminster College, where Randy had taught as an adjunct professor;
100          WHEREAS, the fellowship will be awarded to two Westminster College interns, one
101     each to assist the state Democratic and Republican parties during general election years;
102          WHEREAS, until shortly before his untimely death, Randy continued to introduce
103     others to government service and encourage countless others to run for office;
104          WHEREAS, Randy loved his family, the people with whom he served, his community,
105     and the political process;
106          WHEREAS, Randy's greatest legacy is his children -- Shane, Andrew, and Maddie, the
107     most amazing, cute, and smart daughter "ever known to mankind," and his lovable Bichon
108     Frise, Lola;
109          WHEREAS, Randy championed the great state of Utah for more than 25 years, giving
110     generously of his time, talents, and resources to enhance the lives of Utah residents, particularly
111     in Salt Lake County; and
112          WHEREAS, Randy's public service will forever be marked by his passion and unending

113     optimism:
114          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
115     Governor concurring therein, recognizes the life and service of Randy Horiuchi to the citizens
116     of the state of Utah.
117          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be presented to Randy
118     Horiuchi's family.