Room 445, State Capitol

February 25, 2016


Members Present:    Rep. Val L. Peterson, Chair

                                    Rep. John Knotwell, Vice Chair

                                    Rep. Jacob L. Anderegg 

                                    Rep. Susan Duckworth

                                    Rep. James A. Dunnigan 

                                    Rep. Gage Froerer 

                                    Rep. Brad King

                                    Rep. Derrin Owens

                                    Rep. Dixon M. Pitcher 

                                    Rep. Marc K. Roberts

                                    Rep. Mike Schultz

                                    Rep. Jon E. Stanard 

                                    Rep. R. Curt Webb

                                    Rep. Brad R. Wilson

Staff Present:            Mr. Joseph T. Wade, Policy Analyst 

                                    Ms. Rosemary Young, Committee Secretary


Note:                   List of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with committee minutes.

Vice Chair Knotwell called the meeting to order at 8:02 a.m.

MOTION:     Rep. Peterson moved to approve the minutes of the February 23, 2016 meeting. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Anderegg, Rep. Duckworth, Rep. Dunnigan, Rep. Froerer, Rep. Roberts, Rep. Schultz, and Rep. Stanard absent for the vote.


H.B. 268         Attorney General Employment Amendments (Rep. M. Noel)

Rep. Noel distributed two handouts, "A Performance Audit of the Office of the Utah Attorney General" and "An In-Depth Budget Review of the Office of the Utah Attorney General" and explained the bill to the committee.

Spoke for the bill:       John Dougall              State Auditor (distributed a handout, "A Limited                                                                          Review of the State's Career Service System")

Spoke against the bill: Sean Reyes                Utah Attorney General

                                      Bridget Romano        Chief Civil Deputy, Office of the Attorney General

                                      Todd Losser              Utah Public Employees' Association (distributed a                                                                                     handout, "UPEA opposes this bill")

                                      David Wolf                Assistant Attorney General

                                    Erik Strindberg           Strindberg & Scholnick

                                    Dale Cox                    AFL/CIO

MOTION:     Rep. Peterson moved to replace H.B. 268 with 1st Substitute H.B. 268. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION:     Rep. Peterson moved to amend 1st Sub. H.B. 268 as follows:


1.    Page 1, Lines 14 through 16:   


14         addresses the circumstances under which the attorney general may promote,

15 {  transfer  }  reassign  , or increase the {  pay  }  salary  of an individual who is employed by the Office of the

16Attorney General as an attorney; and


2.    Page 3, Lines 68 through 70:   


68   (5) On or after May 10, 2016, the attorney general may promote, {  transfer  }  reassign  , or increase

69the {  pay  }  salary  of an individual employed by the Office of the Attorney General as an attorney only if

70the individual:


3.    Page 4, Lines 100 through 101:      


100 [(5)] (e)  except as provided in Subsection 67-5-8(5),  establish the salary or determine salary increases of any employee under this



4.    Page 4, Lines 114 through 116:      


114  {  (c) If the attorney general reassigns an employee in a career status from the position of

115chief deputy attorney general, the attorney general may not decrease the employee's salary by

116more than 15%.  }


The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Wilson absent for the vote.


MOTION:     Rep. Schultz moved to pass out favorably 1st Sub. H.B. 268.


SUBSTITUTE MOTION:   Rep. Pitcher moved to hold the bill in committee. The motion passed with Rep. Anderegg, Rep. Roberts, Rep. Schultz, Rep. Wilson, and Rep. Knotwell voting in opposition.


H.B. 294         Second-hand Store Amendments (Rep. R. Edwards)


Rep. Edwards distributed a handout, "The children's resale industry..." and explained the bill assisted by Shauna Sloan, owner of Kid to Kid.


Spoke against the bill:            Mike Katsanevas        Pawn Shop/Secondhand Merchandise                                                                                    Dealers Advisory Board

                                               Michael Millard          Pawn Shop/Secondhand Merchandise                                                                                    Dealers Advisory Board & SLC Police                                                                                                Department


MOTION:     Rep. Wilson moved to pass out favorably H.B. 294. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Froerer and Rep. King absent for the vote.


The following bills were not heard:


H.B. 403         Asbestos Litigation Transparency Act (Rep. B. Wilson)


1st Sub. S.B. 108       Birthing Center Amendments (Sen. D. Henderson)


S.B. 129          Driving Privilege Card Amendments (Sen. C. Bramble)


MOTION:     Rep. Webb moved to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Froerer and Rep. King absent for the vote.


Rep. Knotwell adjourned the meeting at 10:05 a.m.











Rep. Val Peterson, Chair