Room 445, State Capitol

February 5, 2016

Members Present:                Rep. Lee B. Perry, Chair

                                                Rep. Douglas V. Sagers, Vice Chair

                                                Rep. Joel K. Briscoe

                                                Rep. Melvin R. Brown

                                                Rep. Scott H. Chew

                                                Rep. Susan Duckworth

                                                Rep. Stephen G. Handy

                                                Rep. Timothy D. Hawkes

                                                Rep. Mike K. McKell

                                                Rep. Derrin Owens

                                                Rep. Kraig Powell

                                                Rep. Scott D. Sandall

                                                Rep. Mike Schultz      

Members Excused:    Rep. Michael E. Noel 

Staff Present:                        J Brian Allred, Policy Analyst

An Bradshaw, Committee Secretary


NOTE:     A list of visitors and handouts are filed with committee minutes

Chair Perry called the meeting to order at 2:07 p.m.


H.B. 126         Unmanned Aircraft Revisions (Rep. K. Powell)

Rep. Powell explained the bill to the committee.

Spoke for the bill:       Jason Curry, Public Information Officer, Forestry Fire and State Lands


MOTION:     Rep. Handy moved to pass the bill out favorably. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Briscoe and Rep. Duckworth absent for the vote.


H.B. 144         Food Freedom Act (Rep. M. Roberts)

Chair Perry indicated that the bill sponsor was not present so there would be no formal presentation of the bill. However, due to the large number of people in attendance who wanted to address the committee, he would allow public comment on the bill and committee questions and discussion with the witnesses. He stated that no action would be taken without the sponsor being present. Travis Waller, Director, Division of Regulatory Services, Department of Agriculture and Food, answered questions from the committee.

Spoke for the bill:       Liz de Forest, citizen, handout, "Meat and Poultry recalls.txt"

                                    Danny McDowell, citizen

                                    Evan Sanders, citizen, handout, "Please Support HB144"

                                    Leland Geiger, citizen

                                    Stacey Taggart, citizen

                                    Kathleen King, citizen

                                    John Blatnick, citizen

                                    Colleen Dick, citizen

Spoke against the bill:

                                    LuAnn Adams, Commissioner, Department of Agriculture and Food

                                    Royal DeLegge, Director, Salt Lake County Health Department

                                    Maria Nye, citizen

                                    Angela Dunn M.D., Department of Health, handout, "Utah Department of                                     Health Position on HB 144 - The Food Freedom Act"

                                    Tyson Roberts, Roberts Family Farms

                                    Douglas Rowley, Cherry Hill Farms

                                    Russel Kohler, Canyon View Farms

                                    Alan Riley, Riley Farms

Committee discussion followed. Chair Perry indicated that he would place the bill on the agenda again if ten or more members of the committee asked that the bill be rescheduled.


MOTION:     Rep. Sagers moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Brown and Rep. Schultz absent for the vote.

Chair Perry adjourned the meeting at 3:48 p.m.


Rep. Lee B. Perry, Chair