Room 30 House Building, State Capitol Complex

March 4, 2016


Members Present:                     Rep. Jacob L. Anderegg, Vice Chair

                                                    Rep. Stewart E. Barlow

                                                    Rep. Kay J. Christofferson 

                                                    Rep. Sophia M. DiCaro

                                                    Rep. Jack Draxler

                                                    Rep. Justin L. Fawson

                                                    Rep. Brad King 

                                                    Rep. John R. Westwood


Members Absent:                     Rep. Johnny Anderson, Chair

                                                    Rep. Rich Cunningham

                                                    Rep. Brad L. Dee

                                                    Rep. David E. Lifferth

                                                    Rep. Carol Spackman Moss 


Staff Present:                             Mr. Alex R. Janak, Policy Analyst

                                                    Ms. Karen Mitchell, Committee Secretary



Note: A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.





Vice Chair Anderegg called the meeting to order at 9:13 a.m.


MOTION:       Rep. DiCaro moved to approve the minutes of the March 2, 2016, meeting. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Barlow absent for the vote.



S.B. 195            Highway Bridge Designation Amendments (Sen. D. Hinkins) (Rep. Brad King)


Sen. Hinkins explained the bill to the committee.


MOTION:       Rep. Fawson moved to pass S.B. 195 out favorably. The motion passed unanimously.


MOTION:       Rep. King moved to place S.B. 159 on the Consent Calendar. The motion passed




S.B. 100            Traffic Fines Amendments (Sen. L. Hillyard) (Rep. J. Anderegg)


Sen Hillyard explained the bill to the committee and provided a news clip from Channel 2 News.


Spoke for the bill:                       George Chapman, Citizen 


Spoke against the bill:                 Michael Johnson, Mantua Police Chief

                                                    Brad Nelson, Mantua police officer

                                                    Brad Barber, Brigham City citizen

                                                    Jeff Scott, Box Elder County Commission


MOTION:       Rep. Christofferson moved to return S.B. 100 to the Rules Committee. The motion passed with Rep. Anderegg voting in opposition.



MOTION:       Rep. Fawson moved to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously.


Vice Chair Anderegg adjourned the meeting at 10:04 a.m.










Rep. Johnny Anderson, Chair