Chief Sponsor: Rebecca P. Edwards

Senate Sponsor: Todd Weiler

7     Cosponsors:
8     Cheryl K. Acton
9     Patrice M. Arent
10     Joel K. Briscoe
11     Walt Brooks
12     Rebecca Chavez-Houck
13     LaVar Christensen
14     Susan Duckworth
15     Gage Froerer
16     Stephen G. Handy
17     Timothy D. Hawkes
Sandra Hollins
Eric K. Hutchings
Brian S. King
Karen Kwan
Carol Spackman Moss
Lee B. Perry
Dixon M. Pitcher
Val K. Potter
Marie H. Poulson
Susan Pulsipher
Paul Ray
Edward H. Redd
Angela Romero
Douglas V. Sagers
V. Lowry Snow
Robert M. Spendlove
Raymond P. Ward
Elizabeth Weight
John R. Westwood
Mark A. Wheatley
Mike Winder

20     General Description:
21          This resolution encourages the responsible stewardship of natural resources and
22     reduction of emissions through incentives and support of the growth in technologies
23     and services that will enlarge the economy.
24     Highlighted Provisions:
25          This bill:
26          ▸     acknowledges Utah's tradition of stewardship, innovation, ingenuity, and problem
27     solving;
28          ▸     recognizes the need for responsible stewardship and prudent management of natural

29     resources;
30          ▸     recognizes the impacts of a changing climate on Utah citizens;
31          ▸     expresses commitment to create and support economically viable and broadly
32     supported solutions, including in rural communities;
33          ▸     encourages the use and analysis of sound science to understand the causes and
34     impacts of local and regional climates;
35          ▸     encourages resilient ecosystems that can better adapt to our changing environment;
36     and
37          ▸     encourages the reduction of emissions through incentives and the support of growth
38     in technologies and services that enlarge the economy.
39     Special Clauses:
40          None

42     Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
43          WHEREAS, Utah has a tradition of supporting good stewardship of our land, air, and
44     water;
45          WHEREAS, Utah is a leader in technological innovation, ingenuity in problem-solving,
46     and working together to create solutions;
47          WHEREAS, preservation of Utah's economic longevity and role as a leader in fiscal
48     responsibility depends on prudent management of natural resources;
49          WHEREAS, protection, conservation, and reasonable management of the natural
50     environment are essential principles of responsible stewardship;
51          WHEREAS, Utah recognizes the inherent worth of our natural resources, in addition to
52     their economic value, in their contribution to our identity and their role in inspiring creativity,
53     strengthening families, and providing for future generations;
54          WHEREAS, the Department of Health has issued a report outlining the increased risk
55     of extreme weather events, including wildfires, water scarcity, and flooding;
56          WHEREAS, the impacts of a changing climate may affect Utah citizens and impair

57     productivity in key economic areas;
58          WHEREAS, any efforts to mitigate the risks of, prepare for, or otherwise address our
59     changing climate and its effects should not constrain the economy nor its global
60     competitiveness; and
61          WHEREAS, Utah recognizes that stewardship includes fostering and maintaining
62     resilient ecosystems that have the capacity to adapt to our changing environment:
63          NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
64     Governor concurring therein, commits to working constructively, using our heritage of
65     technological ingenuity, innovation, and leadership to create and support economically viable
66     and broadly supported private and public solutions, including in rural communities.
67          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we should prioritize our understanding and use of
68     sound science to address causes of a changing climate and support innovation and
69     environmental stewardship in order to realize positive solutions.
70          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature and the Governor encourage
71     individuals, corporations, and state agencies to reduce emissions through incentives and
72     support of the growth in technologies and services that will enlarge our economy in a way that
73     is both energy efficient and cost effective.
74          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to the members of
75     Utah's congressional delegation.