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TO:Members of the Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Standing Committee
Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher, Chair
Committee Meeting

DATE:Tuesday, March 5, 2019
TIME:8:00 AM
PLACE:220 Senate Building

- Call to order and approval of minutes of the February 27, 2019, meeting

- The following bills are scheduled for consideration:
1. HB0297Long Term Planning Subcommittee   (J. Moss)
2. SCR012Concurrent Resolution Honoring Orem on its 100th Anniversary   (D. Hemmert)
3. SB0220Budgeting Revisions   (D. Ipson)
4. SB0152Community Impact Fund Board Amendments   (R. Winterton)
5. SB0216Political Committee Amendments   (D. Thatcher)
6. HB0241Budgetary Procedures Act Amendments   (M.G. Ballard)
7. HB0245S03Community Reinvestment Agency Revisions   (M. Winder)
8. HB0306Enrollment Preference for Military Children   (V. Peterson)
9. HB0272S01Election Law Amendments   (M. Nelson)
10. HB0283State Government Cloud Computing Services Act   (S. Handy)
11. HB0284S01State Agency Web Design Guidelines   (J. Hawkins)
12. HB0305S02Post Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Restricted Account   (M. McKell)
13. HB0321Public Improvements to Provide Sewer Services   (L. Wilde)


Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher, Chair

Sen. J. Stuart AdamsSen. David G. BuxtonSen. Don L. Ipson
Sen. Jani IwamotoSen. Kathleen RiebeSen. Todd Weiler

Committee Analyst: Brian J. Bean, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel
Committee Secretary: Paula Morgan

     In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing auxiliary communicative aids and services for this meeting should call the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel at 801-538-1032 or use Relay Utah (toll-free in-state 7-1-1 or Spanish language 888-346-3162), giving at least 48 hours notice or the best notice practicable. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for aids and services for effective communication during the annual General Session. However, given the unpredictable and fast-paced nature of the legislative process, it is essential that you notify us as soon as possible. Failure to do so may, in some circumstances, result in our inability to accommodate your request.
     Please be aware that the public portions of this meeting will be broadcast on the Internet and that an audio recording of the public meeting, along with any materials presented or distributed to the committee, will be posted on the Legislature's website.