This document includes Senate 2nd and 3rd Reading Floor Amendments incorporated into the bill on Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 10:04 AM by lpoole.
Representative Timothy D. Hawkes proposes the following substitute bill:




Chief Sponsor: Timothy D. Hawkes

Senate Sponsor: Todd Weiler


8     General Description:
9          This bill addresses wood burning.
10     Highlighted Provisions:
11          This bill:
12          ▸     modifies the type of wood burning for conversions;
13          ▸     modifies the requirements to be eligible for the conversion program;
14          ▸     directs the division to give preference to applicants for conversions who meet
15     certain criteria; and
16          ▸     makes technical changes.
17     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
18          This bill appropriates for fiscal year 2019:
19          ▸     to the Department of Environmental Quality -- Air Quality -- Air Quality as a
20     one-time appropriation:
21               •     from the General Fund, One-time, Ŝ→ [
$14,000,000] $5,000,000 ←Ŝ .
22     Other Special Clauses:
23          None
24     Utah Code Sections Affected:
25     AMENDS:

26          19-2-107.5, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2017, Chapter 320

28     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
29          Section 1. Section 19-2-107.5 is amended to read:
30          19-2-107.5. Solid fuel burning.
31          (1) The division shall create a[: (a)] public awareness campaign, in consultation with
32     representatives of the solid fuel burning industry, the healthcare industry, and members of the
33     clean air community, on best wood burning practices and the effects of wood burning on air
34     quality, specifically targeting nonattainment areas[; and].
35          [(b)] (2) (a) Subject to Subsection (2)(b), the division shall create a program to assist
36     an individual to convert a dwelling to a natural gas, propane, [or wood pellet heating source or
37     a wood burning stove certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency,] or
38     electric heating source, as funding allows, if the individual[: (i)] lives in a dwelling where [a]
39     wood burning [stove] is the sole or secondary source of heat[; and].
40          [(ii) is on the list of registered sole heating source homes.]
41          (b) In creating the program described in Subsection (2)(a), the division shall give
42     preference to applicants who:
43          (i) have an adjusted gross household income of 250% or less of the federal poverty
44     level;
45          (ii) live in a house where wood is the sole or supplemental source of heating; or
46          (iii) live within six miles of the Great Salt Lake Base and Meridian.
47          [(2)] (3) (a) The division may not impose a burning ban prohibiting burning during a
48     specified seasonal period of time.
49          (b) Notwithstanding Subsection [(2)] (3)(a), the division shall:
50          (i) allow burning:
51          (A) during local emergencies and utility outages; or
52          (B) if the primary purpose of the burning is to cook food; and
53          (ii) provide for exemptions, through registration with the division, for:
54          (A) devices that are sole sources of heat; or
55          (B) locations where natural gas service is limited or unavailable.
56          [(3)] (4) The division may seek private donations and federal sources of funding to

57     supplement any funds appropriated by the Legislature to fulfill Subsection [(1)(b)] (2).
58          Section 2. Appropriation.
59          The following sums of money are appropriated for the fiscal year beginning July 1,
60     2018, and ending June 30, 2019. These are additions to amounts previously appropriated for
61     fiscal year 2019. Under the terms and conditions of Title 63J, Chapter 1, Budgetary Procedures
62     Act, the Legislature appropriates the following sums of money from the funds or accounts
63     indicated for the use and support of the government of the state of Utah.
64     ITEM 1
65          To Department of Environmental Quality -- Air Quality
66               From General Fund - One-time Ŝ→ [
$14,000,000] $5,000,000 ←Ŝ

67               Schedule of Programs:
68                    Air Quality                     Ŝ→ [
$14,000,000] $5,000,000 ←Ŝ
69          The Legislature intends that this appropriation pay for the conversion of wood stoves
70     and fireplaces as provided in Section 19-2-107.5. Under Section 63J-1-603 the Legislature
71     intends that appropriations provided under this section not lapse at the close of fiscal year
72     2019. The use of any nonlapsing funds is limited to conversion of wood stoves and fireplaces
73     as provided in Section 19-2-107.5.