Chief Sponsor: Suzanne Harrison

Senate Sponsor: Daniel Hemmert


9     General Description:
10          This concurrent resolution encourages purchase of Tier 3 compliant gasoline.
11     Highlighted Provisions:
12          This resolution:
13          ▸     recognizes impacts of air quality on the state;
14          ▸     recognizes impact of vehicle emissions on air quality;
15          ▸     recognizes that the lower-sulfur Tier 3 gasoline standards are crucial to improving
16     the safety, health, and welfare of Utah's citizens;
17          ▸     recognizes that certain local refineries have committed to manufacturing Tier 3
18     compliant lower-sulfur gasoline for sale in Utah;
19          ▸     acknowledges the air quality benefits that come from burning lower-sulfur gasoline
20     in vehicles;
21          ▸     acknowledges that the state is providing certain tax benefits for refineries
22     manufacturing lower-sulfur gasoline; and
23          ▸     encourages purchase of lower-sulfur Tier 3 compliant gasoline by retailers and
24     consumers.
25     Special Clauses:
26          None

28     Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
29          WHEREAS, the Legislature of the state of Utah is charged with protecting and
30     enhancing the safety, health, and welfare of its citizens;
31          WHEREAS, the safety, health, and welfare of the citizens of the state of Utah are
32     profoundly affected by its air quality;
33          WHEREAS, communities along the Wasatch Front and other areas in the state of Utah
34     experience episodic and sustained periods of time where air pollutants are elevated to levels
35     that are known to cause serious short- and long-term health problems in humans;
36          WHEREAS, there are indications that air quality may impact the ability to recruit and
37     retain businesses and a high quality labor force, as well as the cost of negative health impacts
38     and the loss of tourism and recreational revenue, air quality significantly impacts the economy
39     of the state of Utah;
40          WHEREAS, vehicle emissions are the largest contributing source of total emissions
41     and contribute significantly to the buildup of air pollutants during wintertime inversions;
42          WHEREAS, national standards exist for improved vehicle emissions and gasoline,
43     called Tier 3 standards, bringing down the sulfur content of gasoline from 30 parts per million
44     to 10 parts per million;
45          WHEREAS, burning lower-sulfur Tier 3 gasoline in vehicles greatly improves the
46     effectiveness of a vehicle's catalytic converter;
47          WHEREAS, burning lower-sulfur Tier 3 gasoline will significantly reduce vehicle
48     emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, pollutants that are significant
49     contributors to poor air quality in the state of Utah;
50          WHEREAS, some of Utah's local refineries have committed to manufacturing gasoline
51     for sale in Utah with an average sulfur level of 10 parts per million or less;
52          WHEREAS, lower-sulfur Tier 3 gasoline is manufactured by at least one local refinery,
53     Silver Eagle Refinery, and other local refineries have committed to manufacture Tier 3 gasoline
54     for purchase, including Marathon Petroleum and Chevron, and other refineries are encouraged
55     to manufacture Tier 3 gasoline;
56          WHEREAS, many gasoline retailers have the option to purchase gasoline from the
57     refineries that have committed to manufacturing cleaner burning Tier 3 gasoline;
58          WHEREAS, there have been measurable improvements in air quality because of

59     sustained efforts made by individuals and industry throughout the state; and
60          WHEREAS, the state of Utah is providing certain tax benefits to refineries that
61     manufacture lower-sulfur Tier 3 compliant gasoline:
62          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
63     Governor concurring therein, encourages gasoline retailers to purchase gasoline from refineries
64     that manufacture Tier 3 compliant gasoline with an average sulfur content of 10 parts per
65     million or less.
66          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature and the Governor encourage
67     citizens of the state to purchase gasoline at retailers whose supply comes from refineries
68     manufacturing Tier 3 compliant gasoline.