Chief Sponsor: Luz Escamilla

House Sponsor: Paul Ray


8     General Description:
9          This bill modifies provisions related to the potential uses of the Homeless to Housing
10     Reform Restricted Account.
11     Highlighted Provisions:
12          This bill:
13          ▸     provides that the Homeless Coordinating Committee may award money from the
14     Homeless to Housing Reform Restricted Account for the purpose of providing
15     medical respite care for homeless individuals; and
16          ▸     modifies the definition of the term "homeless shelter."
17     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
18          None
19     Other Special Clauses:
20          None
21     Utah Code Sections Affected:
22     AMENDS:
23          35A-8-604, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2018, Chapter 251

25     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
26          Section 1. Section 35A-8-604 is amended to read:
27          35A-8-604. Uses of Homeless to Housing Reform Restricted Account.
28           (1) With the concurrence of the division and in accordance with this section, the
29     Homeless Coordinating Committee members designated in Subsection 35A-8-601(2) may

30     award ongoing or one-time grants or contracts funded from the Homeless to Housing Reform
31     Restricted Account created in Section 35A-8-605.
32          (2) Before final approval of a grant or contract awarded under this section, the
33     Homeless Coordinating Committee and the division shall provide written information
34     regarding the grant or contract to, and shall consider the recommendations of, the Executive
35     Appropriations Committee.
36          (3) As a condition of receiving money, including any ongoing money, from the
37     restricted account, an entity awarded a grant or contract under this section shall provide
38     detailed and accurate reporting on at least an annual basis to the division and the Homeless
39     Coordinating Committee that describes:
40          (a) how money provided from the restricted account has been spent by the entity; and
41          (b) the progress towards measurable outcome-based benchmarks agreed to between the
42     entity and the Homeless Coordinating Committee before the awarding of the grant or contract.
43          (4) In determining the awarding of a grant or contract under this section, the Homeless
44     Coordinating Committee, with the concurrence of the division, shall:
45          (a) ensure that the services to be provided through the grant or contract will be
46     provided in a cost-effective manner;
47          (b) consider the advice of committee members designated in Subsection 35A-8-601(3);
48          (c) give priority to a project or contract that will include significant additional or
49     matching funds from a private organization, nonprofit organization, or local government entity;
50          (d) ensure that the project or contract will target the distinct housing needs of one or
51     more at-risk or homeless subpopulations, which may include:
52          (i) families with children;
53          (ii) transitional-aged youth;
54          (iii) single men or single women;
55          (iv) veterans;
56          (v) victims of domestic violence;
57          (vi) individuals with behavioral health disorders, including mental health or substance

58     use disorders;
59          (vii) individuals who are medically frail or terminally ill;
60          (viii) individuals exiting prison or jail; or
61          (ix) individuals who are homeless without shelter; and
62          (e) consider whether the project will address one or more of the following goals:
63          (i) diverting homeless or imminently homeless individuals and families from
64     emergency shelters by providing better housing-based solutions;
65          (ii) meeting the basic needs of homeless individuals and families in crisis;
66          (iii) providing homeless individuals and families with needed stabilization services;
67          (iv) decreasing the state's homeless rate;
68          (v) implementing a coordinated entry system with consistent assessment tools to
69     provide appropriate and timely access to services for homeless individuals and families;
70          (vi) providing access to caseworkers or other individualized support for homeless
71     individuals and families;
72          (vii) encouraging employment and increased financial stability for individuals and
73     families being diverted from or exiting homelessness;
74          (viii) creating additional affordable housing for state residents;
75          (ix) providing services and support to prevent homelessness among at-risk individuals
76     and adults;
77          (x) providing services and support to prevent homelessness among at-risk children,
78     adolescents, and young adults; [and]
79          (xi) preventing the reoccurrence of homelessness among individuals and families
80     exiting homelessness[.]; and
81          (xii) providing medical respite care for homeless individuals where the homeless
82     individuals can access medical care and other supportive services.
83          (5) In addition to the other provisions of this section, in determining the awarding of a
84     grant or contract under this section to design, build, create, or renovate a facility that will
85     provide shelter or other resources for the homeless, the Homeless Coordinating Committee,

86     with the concurrence of the division, may consider whether the facility will be:
87          (a) located near mass transit services;
88          (b) located in an area that meets or will meet all zoning regulations before a final
89     dispersal of funds;
90          (c) safe and welcoming both for individuals using the facility and for members of the
91     surrounding community; and
92          (d) located in an area with access to employment, job training, and positive activities.
93          (6) In accordance with Subsection (5), and subject to the approval of the Homeless
94     Coordinating Committee with the concurrence of the division, the following may recommend a
95     site location, acquire a site location, and hold title to real property, buildings, fixtures, and
96     appurtenances of a facility that provides or will provide shelter or other resources for the
97     homeless:
98          (a) the county executive of a county of the first class on behalf of the county of the first
99     class, if the facility is or will be located in the county of the first class in a location other than
100     Salt Lake City;
101          (b) the state;
102          (c) a nonprofit entity approved by the Homeless Coordinating Committee with the
103     concurrence of the division; and
104          (d) a mayor of a municipality on behalf of the municipality where a facility is or will be
105     located.
106          (7) Subject to the requirements of Subsections (5) and (6), on or before March 30,
107     2017, the county executive of a county of the first class shall make a recommendation to the
108     Homeless Coordinating Committee identifying a site location for one facility within the county
109     of the first class that will provide shelter for the homeless in a location other than Salt Lake
110     City.
111          (8) (a) As used in this Subsection (8) and in Subsection (9), "homeless shelter" means a
112     facility that:
113          (i) is located within a municipality; and

114          (ii) provides temporary shelter year-round to homeless individuals[; and], including an
115     emergency shelter or a medical respite facility.
116          [(iii) has the capacity to provide temporary shelter to at least 50 individuals per night.]
117          (b) In addition to the other provisions of this section, the Homeless Coordinating
118     Committee, with the concurrence of the division, may award a grant or contract:
119          (i) to a municipality to improve sidewalks, pathways, or roadways near a homeless
120     shelter to provide greater safety to homeless individuals; and
121          (ii) to a municipality to hire one or more peace officers to provide greater safety to
122     homeless individuals.
123          (9) (a) If a homeless shelter commits to provide matching funds equal to the total grant
124     awarded under this Subsection (9), the Homeless Coordinating Committee, with the
125     concurrence of the division, may award a grant for the ongoing operations of the homeless
126     shelter.
127          (b) In awarding a grant under this Subsection (9), the Homeless Coordinating
128     Committee, with the concurrence of the division, shall[: (i) give priority to a homeless shelter
129     located in a county of the first class that has the capacity to provide temporary shelter to at least
130     200 individuals per night; and (ii)] consider the number of beds available at the homeless
131     shelter and the number and quality of the homeless services provided by the homeless shelter.
132          (10) The division may expend money from the restricted account to offset actual
133     division and Homeless Coordinating Committee expenses related to administering this section.