Chief Sponsor: Keith Grover

House Sponsor: Derrin R. Owens


9     General Description:
10          This bill creates a scholarship for individuals to pursue certificates at certain institutions
11     of higher education.
12     Highlighted Provisions:
13          This bill:
14          ▸     creates a scholarship for individuals to enroll in career and technical education
15     programs at certain institutions of higher education;
16          ▸     enacts provisions related to a scholarship, including provisions related to:
17               •     eligibility for a scholarship;
18               •     the amount of a scholarship; and
19               •     the duration of a scholarship, including the circumstances under which an
20     institution of higher education may cancel a scholarship; and
21          ▸     requires the State Board of Regents to:
22               •     make rules; and
23               •     designate certain programs as high demand programs.
24     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
25          This bill appropriates:
26          ▸     to the State Board of Regents - Student Assistance - Career and Technical
27     Education Scholarships, as an ongoing appropriation:

28               •     from the Education Fund, $300,000.
29     Other Special Clauses:
30          None
31     Utah Code Sections Affected:
32     ENACTS:
33          53B-8-114, Utah Code Annotated 1953

35     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
36          Section 1. Section 53B-8-114 is enacted to read:
37          53B-8-114. Career and technical education scholarships.
38          (1) As used in this section:
39          (a) "Eligible institution" means:
40          (i) Salt Lake Community College's School of Applied Technology established in
41     Section 53B-16-209;
42          (ii) Snow College;
43          (iii) Utah State University Eastern established in Section 53B-18-1201; or
44          (iv) the Utah State University area education center located at or near Moab described
45     in Section 53B-18-301.
46          (b) "High demand program" means a noncredit career and technical education program
47     that:
48          (i) is offered by an eligible institution;
49          (ii) leads to a certificate; and
50          (iii) is designated by the board in accordance with Subsection (6).
51          (c) "Scholarship" means a career and technical education scholarship described in this
52     section.
53          (2) Subject to future budget constraints, the Legislature shall annually appropriate
54     money to the board to be distributed to eligible institutions to award career and technical
55     education scholarships.
56          (3) In accordance with the rules described in Subsection (5), an eligible institution may
57     award a scholarship to an individual who is enrolled in, or intends to enroll in, a high demand
58     program.

59          (4) (a) An eligible institution may award a scholarship for an amount of money up to
60     the total cost of tuition, fees, and required textbooks for the high demand program in which the
61     scholarship recipient is enrolled or intends to enroll.
62          (b) An eligible institution may award a scholarship to a scholarship recipient for up to
63     two academic years.
64          (c) An eligible institution may cancel a scholarship if the scholarship recipient does
65     not:
66          (i) maintain enrollment in the eligible institution on at least a half time basis, as
67     determined by the eligible institution; or
68          (ii) make satisfactory progress toward the completion of a certificate.
69          (5) In accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, the
70     board shall make rules that establish:
71          (a) how state funding available for scholarships is divided among eligible institutions;
72          (b) requirements related to an eligible institution's administration of a scholarship;
73          (c) requirements related to eligibility for a scholarship, including requiring eligible
74     institutions to prioritize scholarships for underserved populations;
75          (d) a process for an individual to apply to an eligible institution to receive a
76     scholarship; and
77          (e) how to determine satisfactory progress described in Subsection (4)(c)(ii).
78          (6) Every other year, after consulting with the Department of Workforce Services, the
79     board shall designate, as a high demand program, a noncredit career and technical education
80     program that prepares an individual to work in a job that has, in Utah:
81          (a) high employer demand and high median hourly wages; or
82          (b) significant industry importance.
83          Section 2. Appropriation.
84          The following sums of money are appropriated for the fiscal year beginning July 1,
85     2019, and ending June 30, 2020. These are additions to amounts previously appropriated for
86     fiscal year 2020. Under the terms and conditions of Title 63J, Chapter 1, Budgetary Procedures
87     Act, the Legislature appropriates the following sums of money from the funds or accounts
88     indicated for the use and support of the government of the state of Utah.
89     ITEM 1

90          To State Board of Regents - Student Assistance
91               From Education Fund

92               Schedule of Programs:
93                    Career and Technical Education Scholarships     $300,000
94          The Legislature intends that the appropriation provided under this item be used for
95     career and technical education scholarships described in Section 53B-8-114.