Chief Sponsor: Eric K. Hutchings

Senate Sponsor: Jacob L. Anderegg


8     General Description:
9          This bill amends provisions related to using languages other than English.
10     Highlighted Provisions:
11          This bill:
12          ▸     allows a recreational, scenic, historic, or cultural facility, site, or area that is
13     frequented by international tourists to use languages other than English in certain
14     circumstances; and
15          ▸     makes technical changes.
16     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
17          None
18     Other Special Clauses:
19          None
20     Utah Code Sections Affected:
21     AMENDS:
22          63G-1-201, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2011, Chapters 46 and 342

24     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
25          Section 1. Section 63G-1-201 is amended to read:
26          63G-1-201. Official state language.
27          (1) English is declared to be the official language of Utah.
28          (2) As the official language of this State, the English language is the sole language of
29     the government, except as otherwise provided in this section.

30          (3) Except as provided in Subsection (4), all official documents, transactions,
31     proceedings, meetings, or publications issued, conducted, or regulated by, on behalf of, or
32     representing the state and its political subdivisions shall be in English.
33          (4) Languages other than English may be used when required:
34          (a) by the United States Constitution, the Utah State Constitution, federal law, or
35     federal regulation;
36          (b) by law enforcement [or] for public health and safety needs;
37          (c) by public and higher education systems according to rules made by the State Board
38     of Education and the State Board of Regents to comply with Subsection (5);
39          (d) in judicial proceedings, when necessary to insure that justice is served;
40          (e) to promote and encourage tourism and economic development, including the
41     hosting of international events such as the Olympics;
42          (f) by a recreational, scenic, historic, or cultural facility, site, or area that is frequented
43     by international tourists to:
44          (i) inform international tourists about the facility, site, or area; and
45          (ii) address the health and safety of international tourists while visiting the facility, site,
46     or area;
47          [(f)] (g) by libraries to:
48          (i) collect and promote foreign language materials; and
49          (ii) provide foreign language services and activities; and
50          [(g)] (h) by the Utah Educational Savings Plan established under Title 53B, Chapter 8a,
51     Utah Educational Savings Plan.
52          (5) The State Board of Education and the State Board of Regents shall make rules
53     governing the use of foreign languages in the public and higher education systems that promote
54     the following principles:
55          (a) non-English speaking children and adults should become able to read, write, and
56     understand English as quickly as possible;
57          (b) foreign language instruction should be encouraged;

58          (c) formal and informal programs in English as a Second Language should be initiated,
59     continued, and expanded; and
60          (d) public schools should establish communication with non-English speaking parents
61     of children within their systems, using a means designed to maximize understanding when
62     necessary, while encouraging those parents who do not speak English to become more
63     proficient in English.
64          (6) Unless exempted by Subsection (4), all state funds appropriated or designated for
65     the printing or translation of materials or the provision of services or information in a language
66     other than English shall be returned to the General Fund.
67          (a) Each state agency that has state funds appropriated or designated for the printing or
68     translation of materials or the provision of services or information in a language other than
69     English shall:
70          (i) notify the Division of Finance that the money exists and the amount of the money;
71     and
72          (ii) return the money to the Division of Finance.
73          (b) The Division of Finance shall account for the money and inform the Legislature of
74     the existence and amount of the money at the beginning of the Legislature's annual general
75     session.
76          (c) The Legislature may appropriate any money received under this section to the State
77     School Board for use in English as a Second Language programs.
78          (7) Nothing in this section affects the ability of government employees, private
79     businesses, nonprofit organizations, or private individuals to exercise their rights under:
80          (a) the First Amendment of the United States Constitution; and
81          (b) Utah Constitution, Article 1, Sections 1 and 15.
82          (8) If any provision of this section, or the application of any such provision to any
83     person or circumstance, is held invalid, the remainder of this act shall be given effect without
84     the invalid provision or application.