Chief Sponsor: Jennifer Dailey-Provost

Senate Sponsor: ____________


8     General Description:
9          This bill creates the Division of Digital Access and Opportunity within the Department
10     of Heritage and Arts.
11     Highlighted Provisions:
12          This bill:
13          ▸     defines terms;
14          ▸     creates the Division of Digital Access and Opportunity (the division) within the
15     Department of Heritage and Arts;
16          ▸     describes the division's responsibilities;
17          ▸     provides for the appointment of a division director;
18          ▸     provides that the division may establish a foundation; and
19          ▸     creates an expendable special revenue fund.
20     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
21          None
22     Other Special Clauses:
23          None
24     Utah Code Sections Affected:
25     ENACTS:
26          9-23-101, Utah Code Annotated 1953
27          9-23-102, Utah Code Annotated 1953

28          9-23-201, Utah Code Annotated 1953
29          9-23-202, Utah Code Annotated 1953
30          9-23-203, Utah Code Annotated 1953

32     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:

Part 1. General Provisions

35          Section 1. Section 9-23-101 is enacted to read:
36          9-23-101. Title.
37          This chapter is known as "Division of Digital Access and Opportunity."
38          Section 2. Section 9-23-102 is enacted to read:
39          9-23-102. Definitions.
40          As used in this chapter:
41          (1) "Digital access" means having access to an Internet connection and computing
42     device.
43          (2) "Digital equity" means the condition of individuals and communities having the
44     capacity and sufficient resources for full participation in a 21st century economy, democracy,
45     and society.
46          (3) "Digital literacy" means the ability to use information and communication
47     technology to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive
48     and technical skills.
49          (4) "Division" means the Division of Digital Access and Opportunity created in
50     Section 9-23-201.
51          (5) "Division director" means the director of the division.
52          (6) "Information and communication technology" means technology related to digital
53     access, including:
54          (a) hardware, including:
55          (i) a desktop computer;
56          (ii) a laptop computer;
57          (iii) a smartphone; or
58          (iv) a tablet;

59          (b) the Internet;
60          (c) broadcast technology other than the Internet; and
61          (d) software.
62          Section 3. Section 9-23-201 is enacted to read:
Part 2. Division of Digital Access and Opportunity

64          9-23-201. Creation of division -- Powers and duties -- Division director.
65          (1) There is created within the department the Division of Digital Access and
66     Opportunity.
67          (2) The division is under the policy direction of the division director under the general
68     supervision of the executive director.
69          (3) The division shall implement programs and policies to address digital equity by:
70          (a) promoting digital access, digital literacy, and digital safety;
71          (b) in coordination with the Utah Education and Telehealth Network described in
72     Section 53B-17-105, increasing access to broadband Internet;
73          (c) providing statewide strategic leadership and coordination related to digital
74     opportunity and access;
75          (d) in coordination with the Governor's Office of Economic Development's activities
76     related to broadband Internet described in Section 63N-3-501, promoting the development of
77     broadband Internet and soliciting input on strategies to increase the adoption of broadband
78     Internet; and
79          (e) building local capacity to increase digital access and digital literacy.
80          (4) The division shall target the activities described in Subsection (3) to individuals
81     most affected by the digital divide, including individuals who:
82          (a) live in rural areas;
83          (b) have disabilities;
84          (c) are senior citizens;
85          (d) are Native Americans;
86          (e) are homeless; or
87          (f) are refugees.
88          (5) The executive director shall appoint a division director who has experience in
89     digital literacy or other experience related to addressing the digital divide.

90          Section 4. Section 9-23-202 is enacted to read:
91          9-23-202. Foundation.
92          (1) The division may establish a foundation to address digital access and digital
93     literacy.
94          (2) The foundation described in this section:
95          (a) may solicit and receive contributions from a private organization to assist the
96     division in meeting the division's responsibilities described in Section 9-23-201;
97          (b) does not have power or authority to incur contractual obligations or liabilities that
98     constitute a claim against public funds;
99          (c) may not:
100          (i) exercise executive or administrative authority over programs or other activities
101     described in this chapter, except to the extent specifically authorized by the department;
102          (ii) engage in lobbying activities;
103          (iii) attempt to influence legislation; or
104          (iv) participate in any campaign activity for or against:
105          (A) a political candidate; or
106          (B) an initiative, referendum, proposed constitutional amendment, bond, or any other
107     ballot proposition submitted to the voters; and
108          (d) shall provide to the division director and the executive director information
109     detailing transactions and balances associated with the foundation.
110          Section 5. Section 9-23-203 is enacted to read:
111          9-23-203. Digital Access and Opportunity Foundation Fund.
112          (1) There is created an expendable special revenue fund known as the "Digital Access
113     and Opportunity Foundation Fund."
114          (2) The director shall administer the fund in coordination with the executive director.
115          (3) (a) Money may be deposited into the fund from:
116          (i) grants;
117          (ii) private foundations;
118          (iii) individual donor gifts or bequests;
119          (iv) legislative appropriations; or
120          (v) money made available from any other source.

121          (b) Money collected by the foundation described in Section 9-23-202 shall be
122     deposited into the fund.
123          (4) The department may treat any portion of the fund as an endowment fund by
124     providing that the principal of that portion of the fund is held in perpetuity on behalf of the
125     division.
126          (5) The state treasurer shall invest the money in the fund according to the procedures
127     and requirements of Title 51, Chapter 7, State Money Management Act, except that all interest
128     or other earnings derived from those investments shall be deposited into the fund.
129          (6) The division director, under direction of the executive director, may authorize
130     expenditures from the fund for the purposes described in this chapter.