Chief Sponsor: Logan Wilde

Senate Sponsor: Allen M. Christensen


8     General Description:
9          This bill addresses quagga mussels in the state and efforts to contain the spread of
10     quagga mussels.
11     Highlighted Provisions:
12          This resolution:
13          ▸     recognizes the harm of quagga mussels within the state;
14          ▸     recognizes the impact on Lake Powell and the need to restrict quagga mussels to
15     Lake Powell;
16          ▸     recognizes the need of partnerships with federal agencies; and
17          ▸     urges continued cooperation by the federal government, in particular the National
18     Park Service, to prevent the spread of invasive quagga mussels.
19     Special Clauses:
20          None

22     Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
23          WHEREAS, invasive quagga mussels pose a severe economic and ecological threat to
24     the citizens of Utah due to the invasive quagga mussels' detrimental impacts to water
25     conveyance and delivery structures, water-based recreation, and natural resources;
26          WHEREAS, the presence of dead mussels at infested water bodies cause an unpleasant
27     odor, are unsightly, and pose a risk to public safety at beaches and lake beds due to the mussels'

28     sharp shells;
29          WHEREAS, Lake Powell is currently the only waterbody infested by quagga mussels in
30     Utah;
31          WHEREAS, preventing the spread of invasive quagga mussels from Lake Powell is a
32     priority for Utah;
33          WHEREAS, the quagga mussel population at Lake Powell continues to expand, and
34     mussels can now be found lake-wide;
35          WHEREAS, watercraft that have been on Lake Powell for only a short period of time
36     are now retrieved from the water with invasive quagga mussels inside their engine systems,
37     attached to exterior areas, and attached to equipment that has been in the water;
38          WHEREAS, this increased mussel presence dramatically increases the risk of a future
39     quagga mussel infestation in other Utah waters;
40          WHEREAS, Utah has invested millions of dollars and substantial resources in its
41     watercraft inspection and decontamination programs, staff training, public outreach, law
42     enforcement, and biological monitoring efforts to address this growing problem;
43          WHEREAS, Lake Powell is an international destination for water-based recreation and
44     is an important tourist attraction and economic driver for southern Utah communities;
45          WHEREAS, the decontamination process for watercraft leaving Lake Powell can be
46     time consuming due to the high numbers of watercraft at the reservoir and limited state funding
47     and resources;
48          WHEREAS, continued and improved partnerships between the state and its federal
49     partners and stakeholders are essential to preventing the spread of invasive mussels;
50          WHEREAS, the National Park Service is the primary federal land manager for Lake
51     Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area; and
52          WHEREAS, Utah believes that the National Park Service must support quagga mussel
53     containment efforts that accommodate recreational needs at Lake Powell and prevent the
54     spread of this dangerous invasive species, to include extending the hours of operation for ramp
55     inspections and watercraft decontamination:
56          NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
57     Governor concurring herein, urges continued cooperation by the federal government, in
58     particular the National Park Service, to prevent the spread of invasive quagga mussels,

59     including allocation of funding and staff time dedicated to containment of quagga mussels and
60     improving the inspection and decontamination processes for all watercraft leaving Lake
61     Powell.
62          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to the President of
63     the United States, the Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior, the Director of
64     the National Park Service, the Superintendent of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area,
65     and each member of Utah's congressional delegation.