Chief Sponsor: Melissa G. Ballard

Senate Sponsor: Deidre M. Henderson


9     General Description:
10          This resolution celebrates the history of women's suffrage in Utah.
11     Highlighted Provisions:
12          This resolution:
13          ▸     describes the history of women's suffrage in Utah, including that Utah was the first
14     place in the nation where a vote was cast and counted under a women's suffrage
15     law;
16          ▸     acknowledges the Utah women who contributed to women's suffrage;
17          ▸     celebrates and honors Utah's suffragists; and
18          ▸     encourages Utah women to continue to participate in civic life.
19     Special Clauses:
20          None

22     Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
23          WHEREAS, Salt Lake City, Utah was the first place in the United States where a vote
24     was cast and counted under a women's suffrage law;
25          WHEREAS, after unanimous passage by the Utah Territorial Legislature, on February
26     12, 1870, Governor Stephen Mann signed a bill into law granting voting rights to women
27     citizens of the territory;

28          WHEREAS, on February 14, 1870, an election was held in Utah in which 25 women
29     voted;
30          WHEREAS, Seraph Young, voting in a Salt Lake City municipal election, was the first
31     woman to cast a vote in an election;
32          WHEREAS, thousands of women across the territory voted in Utah's general election
33     on August 1, 1870;
34          WHEREAS, in 2020, Utah celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first vote in Utah
35     cast by a woman;
36          WHEREAS, Utah women voted for 17 years before federal legislation revoked their
37     suffrage, and then organized and worked together to regain voting rights in Utah's state
38     constitution;
39          WHEREAS, Utah paved the way for women's voting rights to spread across the United
40     States;
41          WHEREAS, Emmeline B. Wells exercised unwavering leadership in the women's
42     rights movement, working with Susan B. Anthony and other national leaders to initiate
43     women's voting rights;
44          WHEREAS, Sarah M. Kimball promoted advancement for women politically,
45     economically, and spiritually;
46          WHEREAS, Hannah Kaaepa, a resident of Iosepa, Utah, spoke to a national women's
47     convention to advocate for Hawaiian women's voting rights;
48          WHEREAS, Emily S. Richards represented Utah women at national conventions and
49     organized the Utah Woman's Suffrage Association in 1889;
50          WHEREAS, Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon spoke in favor of women's suffrage and was
51     elected as the nation's first female state senator in 1896;
52          WHEREAS, Elizabeth A. Taylor worked to help black women in Utah register to vote
53     and participate in the political process in the early years of Utah's statehood;
54          WHEREAS, women's suffrage and political rights were made possible because of the
55     leadership of visionary Utah women and men who understood that our nation prospers when
56     each citizen has the opportunity to participate in the public sphere;
57          WHEREAS, after Utah's statehood, Utah women continued to work to secure suffrage
58     and citizenship rights for women of color and to break down barriers to their political

59     participation;
60          WHEREAS, Utah women have worked on efforts related to an Equal Rights
61     Amendment to the United States Constitution; and
62          WHEREAS, in 2019, Utah designated February 14 as Women's Voter Registration Day
63     and recognizes that day as a celebration of democracy, rights, and opportunities for all women
64     in Utah:
65          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Legislature of the state of Utah that
66     Utah celebrates being the first place in the nation where women voted under a women's
67     suffrage law.
68          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature acknowledges the legacy of Utah's
69     strong influential female trailblazers who served in their families and communities and honors
70     the Utah suffragists who advanced the rights of women and promoted the democratic values at
71     the core of the United States.
72          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature encourages Utah women to
73     continue to participate in civic life.