Chief Sponsor: Jerry W. Stevenson

House Sponsor: Joel Ferry


8     General Description:
9          This bill amends provisions related to driver license verification for the rental of a
10     motor vehicle.
11     Highlighted Provisions:
12          This bill:
13          ▸     allows verification of a driver license through electronic or digital means for
14     purposes of renting a motor vehicle; and
15          ▸     makes technical changes.
16     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
17          None
18     Other Special Clauses:
19          None
20     Utah Code Sections Affected:
21     AMENDS:
22          53-3-203, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2015, Chapter 412

24     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
25          Section 1. Section 53-3-203 is amended to read:
26          53-3-203. Authorizing or permitting driving in violation of chapter -- Renting of
27     motor vehicles -- License requirements -- Employees must be licensed -- Violations.
28          (1) A person may not authorize or knowingly permit a motor vehicle owned by [him or

29     under his] the person or under the person's control to be driven by a person in violation of this
30     chapter.
31          (2) (a) A person may not rent a motor vehicle to another person unless the person who
32     will be the driver is licensed in this state, or in the case of a nonresident, licensed under the
33     laws of the state or country of his residence.
34          (b) A person may not rent a motor vehicle to another person until [he] the person:
35          (i) has inspected the license certificate of the person who will be the driver; and
36          (ii) verified the signature on the license certificate by comparison with the signature of
37     the person who will be the driver written in his presence.
38          (c) (i) A person may verify the information described in Subsection (2)(b) for a
39     subsequent vehicle rental through the use of an electronic system maintained by the person for
40     the purposes of expediting the vehicle rental process.
41          (ii) The electronic system described in Subsection (2)(c)(i) may contain information
42     voluntarily provided by the person who will be the driver including:
43          (A) information included on the driver license certificate; and
44          (B) biometric information.
45          [(c)] (d) A person renting a motor vehicle to another shall keep a record of the:
46          (i) registration number of the rented motor vehicle;
47          (ii) name and address of the person to whom the motor vehicle is rented;
48          (iii) number of the license certificate of the renter; and
49          (iv) date and place the license certificate was issued.
50          [(d)] (e) The record is open to inspection by any peace officer or officer or employee of
51     the division.
52          (3) A person may not employ a person to drive a motor vehicle who is not licensed as
53     required under this chapter.
54          (4) A person who violates this section is guilty of an infraction.