Chief Sponsor: Jani Iwamoto

House Sponsor: Lee B. Perry


9     General Description:
10          This concurrent resolution recognizes Michael Russell "Mike" Styler for his service as
11     the Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources.
12     Highlighted Provisions:
13          This resolution:
14          ▸     recognizes the dedication and public service of Mike Styler; and
15          ▸     expresses appreciation for Mike Styler's many contributions to the state of Utah.
16     Special Clauses:
17          None

19     Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
20          WHEREAS, Michael Russell "Mike" Styler served as the Executive Director of the
21     Department of Natural Resources for more than 14 years, making him the longest-serving
22     executive director in the agency's history;
23          WHEREAS, Mike Styler graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's
24     degree with a double major in Agricultural Economics and Business Education;
25          WHEREAS, Mike Styler served eight years as a Millard County commissioner from
26     1983 to 1990 serving as chairman during unprecedented economic and population growth
27     arising from construction of the Intermountain Power Project 1900-megawatt generating station
28     and related facilities in Millard County;
29          WHEREAS, Mike Styler served as the president of the Utah Association of County

30     Commissioners;
31          WHEREAS, Mike Styler served the farming community as president of the Deseret
32     Irrigation Company;
33          WHEREAS, Mike Styler taught United States History in the Millard School District
34     from 1990 to 2005, generating great enthusiasm among his students;
35          WHEREAS, Mike Styler was appointed in 1993 to serve as a member of the Utah
36     House of Representatives and continued to be elected to serve the state of Utah in that capacity
37     until resigning in 2005 to accept the appointment as Executive Director of the Department of
38     Natural Resources;
39          WHEREAS, while a member of the Utah House of Representatives, Mike Styler served
40     on various committees and in various capacities, including as Assistant Majority Whip, as a
41     member of the Executive Appropriations Committee, as a member of the Legislative
42     Management Committee, as chair of the Legislative Water Issues Task Force, and as chair of
43     the Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee;
44          WHEREAS, Mike Styler served as the Executive Director of the Department of Natural
45     Resources, where he directed more than 1,300 employees across seven divisions, until his
46     retirement in June 2019;
47          WHEREAS, in 2006, Mike Styler started the annual Department of Natural Resources
48     employee appreciation corn and watermelon feast, which became so popular that the Governor
49     and his entire staff have been known to rearrange their schedules to attend and which has been
50     attended at various times by Senator Orrin Hatch, the Governor's Cabinet members, Utah state
51     legislators, congressional staffers, vendors, and friends of the state;
52          WHEREAS, Mike Styler provides all of the corn for the corn and watermelon feast
53     from the 400 acres of irrigated land in Oasis, Utah, where he successfully farms at the end of
54     the Styler Ditch at the end of the Sevier River;
55          WHEREAS, Mike Styler is known by many to have a keen eye for a good deal and has
56     been known to shop at the local National Product Sales store on his lunch hour, bringing back
57     expired sodas and cheese that he generously shares with his staff, which will be fondly

58     remembered by many at the Department of Natural Resources, especially for the time that he
59     bought a crate of bananas for 25 cents and brought it back to the office, along with 25 million
60     fruit flies;
61          WHEREAS, Mike Styler is always up for a good lunch and is known to spend many
62     lunch hours at "Tacos Danielle," consuming the lingua tacos with their variety of salsas and
63     spices, the hotter the better;
64          WHEREAS, Mike Styler is an avid hunter, fisherman, wildlife expert, and outdoor
65     advocate for the state of Utah;
66          WHEREAS, under his leadership, the Department of Natural Resources launched the
67     Watershed Restoration Initiative, a statewide collaborative effort among state and federal
68     agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private contributors that has completed roughly 2,000
69     projects and improved approximately 1.6 million acres of watersheds;
70          WHEREAS, Mike Styler was instrumental in the formation of and chaired the Utah
71     Water Task Force, that has proposed more than 90 enhancements to the Utah water statutes
72     adopted by the Legislature and signed into law by the governor, the acceleration of the state's
73     water rights adjudication process, and the signing of hunter access agreements with the School
74     and Institutional Trust Lands Administration;
75          WHEREAS, during his time with the Department of Natural Resources, Mike Styler
76     has carefully and expertly navigated significant and sensitive issues such as wolves, the Lake
77     Powell Pipeline, the greater sage grouse, wild horses, the Bear River Development Act,
78     wildfire management, groundwater pumping in the Snake Valley, the Utah prairie dog, and
79     management of water resources in one of the nation's driest states;
80          WHEREAS, Mike Styler has been described as a problem solver who brings diverse
81     groups together to develop practical solutions to complex natural resource issues, all the while
82     lending a quick smile, a pleasant sense of humor, and a gentle nature, yet with purpose and a
83     firm sense of direction;
84          WHEREAS, during his service to the people of Utah, Mike Styler was also dedicated to
85     his wife, LuAnn, and their children and grandchildren, has maintained and enlarged his

86     grandfather's home as a place to raise children and host family gatherings, and has served in
87     various other church and community leadership positions; and
88          WHEREAS, Mike Styler's many significant state and local contributions merit
89     recognition:
90          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
91     Governor concurring therein, recognizes the dedication and public service of Mike Styler
92     during his tenure as Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources, and expresses
93     appreciation for his many contributions to the state.
94          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution is sent to Mike Styler.