Senator Evan J. Vickers proposes the following substitute bill:




Chief Sponsor: Evan J. Vickers

House Sponsor: Walt Brooks


8     General Description:
9          This bill provides for an annual budgetary review for the Beverley Taylor Sorenson
10     Elementary Arts Learning Program in certain circumstances.
11     Highlighted Provisions:
12          This bill:
13          ▸     provides for an annual budgetary review for the Beverley Taylor Sorenson
14     Elementary Arts Learning Program in certain circumstances; and
15          ▸     makes technical changes.
16     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
17          None
18     Other Special Clauses:
19          None
20     Utah Code Sections Affected:
21     AMENDS:
22          53F-2-506, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2019, Chapter 186

24     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
25          Section 1. Section 53F-2-506 is amended to read:

26          53F-2-506. Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts Learning Program.
27          (1) As used in this section:
28          (a) "Endowed chair" means a person who holds an endowed position or administrator
29     of an endowed program for the purpose of arts and integrated arts instruction at an endowed
30     university.
31          (b) "Endowed university" means an institution of higher education in the state that:
32          (i) awards elementary education degrees in arts instruction;
33          (ii) has received a major philanthropic donation for the purpose of arts and integrated
34     arts instruction; and
35          (iii) has created an endowed position as a result of a donation described in Subsection
36     (1)(b)(ii).
37          (c) "Integrated arts advocate" means a person who:
38          (i) advocates for arts and integrated arts instruction in the state; and
39          (ii) coordinates with an endowed chair pursuant to the agreement creating the endowed
40     chair.
41          (2) The Legislature finds that a strategic placement of arts in elementary education can
42     impact the critical thinking of students in other core subject areas, including mathematics,
43     reading, and science.
44          (3) The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts Learning Program is created to
45     enhance the social, emotional, academic, and arts learning of students in kindergarten through
46     grade 6 by integrating arts teaching and learning into core subject areas and providing
47     professional development for positions that support elementary arts and integrated arts
48     education.
49          (4) From money appropriated for the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts
50     Learning Program, and subject to Subsection (5), the state board shall, after consulting with
51     endowed chairs and the integrated arts advocate and receiving their recommendations,
52     administer a grant program to enable LEAs to:
53          (a) hire highly qualified arts specialists, art coordinators, and other positions that
54     support arts education and arts integration;
55          (b) provide up to $10,000 in one-time funds for each new school arts specialist
56     described under Subsection (4)(a) to purchase supplies and equipment; and

57          (c) engage in other activities that improve the quantity and quality of integrated arts
58     education.
59          (5) (a) An LEA that receives a grant under Subsection (4) shall provide matching funds
60     of no less than 20% of the grant amount, including no less than 20% of the grant amount for
61     actual salary and benefit costs per full-time equivalent position funded under Subsection (4)(a).
62          (b) An LEA may not:
63          (i) include administrative, facility, or capital costs to provide the matching funds
64     required under Subsection (5)(a); or
65          (ii) use funds from the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts Learning Program to
66     supplant funds for existing programs.
67          (6) An LEA that receives a grant under this section shall partner with an endowed chair
68     to provide professional development in integrated elementary arts education.
69          (7) From money appropriated for the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts
70     Learning Program, the state board shall administer a grant program to fund activities within
71     arts and the integrated arts programs at an endowed university in the college where the
72     endowed chair resides to:
73          (a) provide high quality professional development in elementary integrated arts
74     education in accordance with the professional learning standards in Section 53G-11-303 to
75     LEAs that receive a grant under Subsection (4);
76          (b) design and conduct research on:
77          (i) elementary integrated arts education and instruction;
78          (ii) implementation and evaluation of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts
79     Learning Program; and
80          (iii) effectiveness of the professional development under Subsection (7)(a); and
81          (c) provide the public with integrated elementary arts education resources.
82          (8) The board shall annually:
83          (a) review the funding the Legislature appropriates for the Beverley Taylor Sorenson
84     Elementary Arts Learning Program; and
85          (b) recommend any adjustments as part of the board's annual budget request.
86          [(8)] (9) The state board shall make rules to administer the Beverley Taylor Sorenson
87     Elementary Arts Learning Program.