Chief Sponsor: Karianne Lisonbee

Senate Sponsor: John D. Johnson

6     Cosponsors:
7     Cheryl K. Acton
8     Carl R. Albrecht
9     Brady Brammer
10     Walt Brooks
11     Steve R. Christiansen
12     Joel Ferry
13     Francis D. Gibson
A. Cory Maloy
Jefferson Moss
Michael J. Petersen
Val L. Peterson
Candice B. Pierucci
Susan Pulsipher
Adam Robertson
Mike Schultz
Mark A. Strong
Jordan D. Teuscher
Norman K. Thurston
Steve Waldrip
Ryan D. Wilcox


16     General Description:
17          This concurrent resolution addresses issues relating to the education of children.
18     Highlighted Provisions:
19          This resolution:
20          ▸     reaffirms that the state is secondary to and supportive of the primary role of a parent
21     in educating the parent's children; and
22          ▸     recognizes the importance of flexibility in education schedules and systems and
23     commits to support options for parents and children.
24     Special Clauses:
25          None

27     Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
28          WHEREAS, Section 62A-4a-201 of the Utah Code establishes that under "both the

29     United States Constitution and the constitution of this state, a parent possesses a fundamental
30     liberty interest in the care, custody, and management of the parent's children";
31          WHEREAS, Section 62A-4a-201 also states that a parent has the "right, obligation,
32     responsibility, and authority" to educate the parent's children;
33          WHEREAS, the law also makes clear that the state's role in education is "secondary and
34     supportive to the primary role of a parent";
35          WHEREAS, Utah's Public and Private Education Systems have demonstrated their
36     ability to provide, and the importance of, flexibility in education schedules and systems and of
37     adapting to different learning styles;
38          WHEREAS, Section 53G-6-204 fully exempts a child from compulsory education if the
39     child's parent elects to enroll the child in private school or to home school the child;
40          WHEREAS, "pandemic pods," private schools, home schools, tutors, and other
41     alternative educational systems have provided families additional options to support their
42     child's education during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic;
43          WHEREAS, state law regarding education should be accommodating of different
44     learning options and family preferences, and always be "secondary and supportive" to the
45     parent's decision; and
46          WHEREAS, parents and families are best served when they have many options from
47     which to choose to match educational opportunities to the specific needs and interests of their
48     children:
49          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
50     Governor concurring therein, reaffirms that the state of Utah is secondary and supportive to the
51     primary role of a parent in educating the parent's children.
52          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature, the Governor concurring therein,
53     recognizes the importance of flexibility in education schedules and systems and commits to
54     continue to support options for parents and children.