Chief Sponsor: Casey Snider

Senate Sponsor: Scott D. Sandall


10     General Description:
11          This resolution acknowledges Utah State University's dedication to research and
12     community engagement throughout the state and commends the university's Institute of
13     Land, Water, and Air for the institute's work in preserving and improving the quality of
14     the state's land, water, and air.
15     Highlighted Provisions:
16          This resolution:
17          ▸     recognizes Utah State University's dedication to research and community
18     engagement throughout the state, including through the work of Utah State
19     University Extension;
20          ▸     highlights the past and current commitment of Utah State University in protecting
21     and preserving the state's public lands;
22          ▸     acknowledges that Utah State University is a long-standing national leader in
23     research on agriculture, natural resources, and physical science; and
24          ▸     commends the university for creating the Institute of Land, Water, and Air to
25     promote research related to preserving and improving the quality of the state's land,
26     water, and air.
27     Special Clauses:
28          None


30     Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
31          WHEREAS, Utah State University is the land grant university for the state of Utah;
32          WHEREAS, federal legislation dictates that teaching, research, and extension are the
33     three functional pillars of land grant institutions, and Utah State University's stated mission is
34     to serve the public through learning, discovery, and community engagement;
35          WHEREAS, research and discovery have historically been and continue to be
36     distinguishing characteristics of Utah State University, dating back to the creation of Utah
37     Agricultural Experiment Station operations in 1890;
38          WHEREAS, a core characteristic of Utah State University is engagement with
39     communities and individuals to stimulate economic development, improve quality of life, and
40     prioritize development of human capital throughout the state of Utah;
41          WHEREAS, Utah State University's dedication to communities and individuals
42     throughout Utah is exemplified by the university's creation and operation of the Utah
43     Cooperative Extension Service, founded in 1914 and later renamed Utah State University
44     Extension;
45          WHEREAS, Utah State University Extension provides research-based programs and
46     resources, disseminates practical information, provides opportunities for university faculty and
47     staff to engage with and learn from community members and leaders in each of Utah's 29
48     counties, offers educational opportunities through satellite facilities located throughout the
49     state, and facilitates the creation of relationships and partnerships between members of the
50     university, public and private entities, and citizens of the state of Utah;
51          WHEREAS, Utah State University is a long-standing national leader in agriculture,
52     natural resources, and physical and life sciences;
53          WHEREAS, public lands make up approximately 74.4% of the state of Utah, totaling
54     approximately 40.4 million acres;
55          WHEREAS, Utah provides unparalleled opportunities for outdoor recreational

56     activities and hosts an impressive array of scenic landscapes;
57          WHEREAS, the state of Utah has continuously demonstrated its commitment to and
58     interest in the state's water quality, air quality, and public land protection and preservation;
59          WHEREAS, over the last 130 years, Utah State University has proved to be a key
60     partner with the state of Utah in establishing quality research and scientific study in Utah,
61     especially in areas related to land, water, and air;
62          WHEREAS, the Utah Research Water Lab, the Utah Climate Center, the Center for
63     Colorado River Studies, the Utah Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, and the
64     Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism are each located at Utah State University;
65          WHEREAS, over 140 Utah State University faculty members are currently engaged in
66     academic scholarship and research related to the study and improvement of land, water, and air;
67     and
68          WHEREAS, Utah State University has a demonstrated history of providing integral
69     data to state agencies, such as the Division of Wildlife Resources, the Division of Forestry,
70     Fire, and State Lands, the Division of Water Quality, and the Division of Air Quality:
71          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature, the Governor
72     concurring therein, support and celebrate Utah State University President Noelle E. Cockett
73     and the Utah State University Board of Trustees in creating, developing, and operating the
74     Institute of Land, Water, and Air, which will deliver a collaborative annual report to the
75     Governor and the Legislature on the state of Utah's natural resources.
76          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature, the Governor concurring therein,
77     support the mission of the Institute of Land, Water, and Air to promote effective and practical
78     research related to the preservation and quality improvement of land, water, and air, and to
79     engage community and policy leaders in critical and productive conversations regarding these
80     important topics.