Chief Sponsor: Dan N. Johnson

Senate Sponsor: Daniel W. Thatcher

8     Cosponsors:
9     Cheryl K. Acton
10     Melissa G. Ballard
11     Clare Collard
12     Jennifer Dailey-Provost
13     Sandra Hollins
Marsha Judkins
Karen Kwan
Rosemary T. Lesser
Ashlee Matthews
Carol Spackman Moss
Michael J. Petersen
Angela Romero
Norman K. Thurston
Christine F. Watkins
Mark A. Wheatley
Mike Winder


16     General Description:
17          This concurrent resolution of the Legislature and the Governor recognizes the
18     contributions of multilingual and multicultural families to Utah's schools and
19     recognizes the state's previous support for Utah's multilingual and multicultural
20     families.
21     Highlighted Provisions:
22          This resolution:
23          ▸     celebrates the contributions of multilingual and multicultural families to Utah's
24     schools and recognizes the state's previous support for Utah's multilingual and
25     multicultural families;
26          ▸     encourages schools to utilize the "Parent and Family Engagement" self-reported
27     indicators in the statewide school accountability system to highlight efforts to

28     engage multilingual and multicultural families in conjunction with the federal Title I
29     Compliance Cycle;
30          ▸     encourages the State Board of Education to expand the "Parent and Family
31     Engagement" sample indicators to include metrics specific to multilingual and
32     newcomer family engagement; and
33          ▸     encourages the Education Interim Committee to review the information made
34     available through the Statewide School Accountability System regarding
35     multilingual and newcomer family engagement and districts' family engagement
36     policies in 2022.
37     Special Clauses:
38          None

40     Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
41          WHEREAS, in 2018 HR 3, the Legislature has previously recognized the value and
42     importance of international and linguistic education for:
43          1. Utah's "increased global awareness," including an "appreciation for differences
44     among cultures and a deeper understanding of the values and perspectives of other people";
45          2. Utah's ability to contribute to a "foreign trade market that international businesses
46     seek out because of the state's workforce";
47          3. Utah's ability to contribute to "international collaboration that is required to make
48     important breakthroughs in research and technology"; and
49          4. Utah's students' ability to successfully "seek careers in a global marketplace and
50     enhance understanding of other nations' cultures, values, and beliefs";
51          WHEREAS, in 2008 SB 41, the Legislature has previously recognized the value of
52     international and linguistic education for Utah's students' overall "academic, societal, and
53     economic development";
54          WHEREAS, the Legislature has formerly invested in programming to celebrate and
55     expand multilingualism across the state, including through the creation of dual immersion

56     programs, the adoption of a biliteracy seal program, Adult Education English Language
57     Acquisition resources, and software for English Learners;
58          WHEREAS, native Utahns similarly demonstrate support for multilingualism across
59     the state, through their volunteer work to welcome refugees and newcomers, their acquisition
60     of additional languages through volunteer religious service, and their work as translators and
61     interpreters for both religious and secular organizations;
62          WHEREAS, as recognized in 2018 HR 3, newcomers and families learning English,
63     similarly to international students, "contribute diversity to local communities, promote
64     understanding of different cultures, and create important worldwide relationships";
65          WHEREAS, the language proficiency of English Learners and newcomer families is
66     invaluable to our military, churches, and businesses, enabling them to communicate with the
67     world, and extends to over 80 languages, including, Arabic, Amharic, Burmese, Chinese, Farsi,
68     French, Hakha Chin, Karen, Kinyarwanda, Korean, Navajo, Nepali, Oromo, Pashto,
69     Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrinya, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese;
70          WHEREAS, 52,788 English Learner students were enrolled in Utah schools in 2021,
71     which is approximately 8% of the total student population;
72          WHEREAS, newcomers and English Learners continually demonstrate a desire and
73     ability to obtain English proficiency through participation in English as a Second Language
74     classes and programs;
75          WHEREAS, the state demonstrates a commitment to prioritizing and accurately
76     measuring English Learner progress in the Statewide School Accountability System, weighting
77     English Learner progress as 9% of an elementary school's or middle school's overall score or
78     6% of a high school's overall score if a school has ten or more English Learners who took the
79     WIDA ACCESS assessment in the current and prior year;
80          WHEREAS, the Legislature formerly codified the recognition, in Section 53E-2-301,
81     that "parents are a child's first teachers and are responsible for the education of their children,"
82     and encourages "family engagement and adequate preparation so that students enter the public
83     education system ready to learn";

84          WHEREAS, Section 53E-2-201 similarly describes the responsibility of the
85     Legislature, the State Board of Education, local school boards, and charter school governing
86     boards as respecting, protecting, and furthering "the interests of parents in their children's
87     public education" and promoting and encouraging "full and active participation and
88     involvement of parents at all public schools";
89          WHEREAS, the Utah Parent-Teacher's Association's resolution entitled, "Family
90     Engagement in Education," affirms that "research has shown that the most significant predictor
91     of a student's academic success is parental engagement in the student's education, regardless of
92     socioeconomic status, ethnic/racial background, or parents' educational level";
93          WHEREAS, multilingual and newcomer families are also their children's first teachers,
94     responsible for the education of their children, and have significant and unique contributions to
95     make to Utah's public school system;
96          WHEREAS, the Legislature, the State Board of Education, local school boards, and
97     charter school governing boards are obligated to respect, protect, and further the interests of
98     multilingual and newcomer parents in their children's public education, and promote and
99     encourage their full and active participation and involvement in all public schools;
100          WHEREAS, the Utah public school system has successfully invested in supporting
101     newcomer and multilingual families through the Tumaini Welcome and Transition Center,
102     family engagement centers, family-to-family mentorship programs, school community
103     councils, paraeducators, home visits, and academic parent-teacher teams;
104          WHEREAS, multilingual and newcomer families contribute rigorously to their
105     children's education and their schools, often overcoming significant barriers to engagement,
106     including:
107          1. language barriers;
108          2. lack of familiarity with the United States school systems;
109          3. lack of formal education;
110          4. lack of access to digital devices, Internet service, digital literacy, or tech support;
111          5. varying cultural expectations;

112          6. limited transportation options;
113          7. childcare responsibilities; and
114          8. regular or extended work hours;
115          WHEREAS, the federal Title I compliance monitoring cycle will measure family
116     engagement in December of 2022; and
117          WHEREAS, the state of Utah would benefit from a state-wide examination of
118     newcomer and multilingual family engagement practices, particularly if this examination places
119     no additional burden on teachers and administrators due to federal requirements, to identify
120     existing best practices, to identify areas of improvement, and to ensure these families are
121     supported in their efforts to contribute to the public school system:
122          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
123     Governor concurring therein, hereby celebrates and values the existing contributions of
124     multilingual and newcomer families to Utah's public education system, despite the barriers they
125     face in doing so.
126          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature and the Governor recognize the
127     critical importance of multilingual and newcomer family engagement to improving the
128     academic outcomes of multilingual and newcomer students and their ability to contribute to
129     Utah's economy, Utah's society, and follow their own dreams and aspirations.
130          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature and the Governor commit to
131     supporting the contributions of multilingual and newcomer families, with similar vigor as the
132     state commits to other multilingual programming and family engagement efforts.
133          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature and the Governor encourage all
134     schools to utilize the "Parent and Family Engagement" self-reported indicators of the Statewide
135     School Accountability System during the 2022 cycle, highlighting their efforts to support
136     multilingual and newcomer families.
137          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature and the Governor encourage the
138     State Board of Education to expand the "Parent and Family Engagement" sample indicators to
139     include metrics specific to multilingual and newcomer family engagement.

140          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature and the Governor encourage the
141     Education Interim Committee to review the information made available through the Statewide
142     School Accountability System regarding multilingual and newcomer family engagement and
143     districts' family engagement policies in 2022.