Chief Sponsor: Brad R. Wilson

Senate Sponsor: Evan J. Vickers

6     Cosponsors:
7     Nelson T. Abbott
8     Cheryl K. Acton
9     Carl R. Albrecht
10     Melissa G. Ballard
11     Stewart E. Barlow
12     Gay Lynn Bennion
13     Kera Birkeland
14     Brady Brammer
15     Joel K. Briscoe
16     Walt Brooks
17     Jefferson S. Burton
18     Scott H. Chew
19     Kay J. Christofferson
20     Clare Collard
21     Jennifer Dailey-Provost
22     James A. Dunnigan
23     Steve Eliason
24     Joel Ferry
25     Matthew H. Gwynn
26     Stephen G. Handy
27     Suzanne Harrison
28     Timothy D. Hawkes
29     Jon Hawkins
Sandra Hollins
Ken Ivory
Dan N. Johnson
Marsha Judkins
Brian S. King
Michael L. Kohler
Karen Kwan
Bradley G. Last
Rosemary T. Lesser
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Ashlee Matthews
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Jefferson Moss
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Merrill F. Nelson
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Val L. Peterson
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Susan Pulsipher
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Angela Romero
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V. Lowry Snow
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Keven J. Stratton
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Jordan D. Teuscher
Norman K. Thurston
Steve Waldrip
Raymond P. Ward
Christine F. Watkins
Elizabeth Weight
Douglas R. Welton
Mark A. Wheatley
Stephen L. Whyte

30     Ryan D. Wilcox
31     Mike Winder


34     General Description:
35          This bill enacts the Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Program.
36     Highlighted Provisions:
37          This bill:
38          ▸     addresses the duties of the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands related to the
39     Great Salt Lake;
40          ▸     defines terms;
41          ▸     authorizes rulemaking;
42          ▸     establishes the program;
43          ▸     provides for oversight by the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands;
44          ▸     imposes requirements on the grantee;
45          ▸     provides for the creation, powers, and duties of the water trust; and
46          ▸     makes technical changes.
47     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
48          This bill appropriates in fiscal year 2022:
49          ▸     to the Department of Natural Resources -- Forestry, Fire, and State Lands, as a
50     one-time appropriation:
51               •     from General Fund, $40,000,000.
52     Other Special Clauses:
53          This bill provides a special effective date.
54          This bill provides revisor instructions.
55     Utah Code Sections Affected:
56     AMENDS:

57          65A-10-8, as enacted by Laws of Utah 1988, Chapter 121
58     ENACTS:
59          65A-16-101, Utah Code Annotated 1953
60          65A-16-102, Utah Code Annotated 1953
61          65A-16-201, Utah Code Annotated 1953
62          65A-16-202, Utah Code Annotated 1953
63          65A-16-203, Utah Code Annotated 1953
64          65A-16-301, Utah Code Annotated 1953
65     Utah Code Sections Affected by Revisor Instructions:
66          65A-16-201, Utah Code Annotated 1953

68     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
69          Section 1. Section 65A-10-8 is amended to read:
70          65A-10-8. Great Salt Lake -- Management responsibilities of the division.
71          The division has the following powers and duties:
72          (1) [Prepare] The division shall prepare and maintain a comprehensive plan for the
73     [lake which] Great Salt Lake that recognizes the following policies:
74          (a) develop strategies to deal with a fluctuating lake level;
75          (b) encourage development of the [lake] Great Salt Lake in a manner [which] that will
76     preserve the [lake] Great Salt Lake, encourage availability of brines to lake extraction
77     industries, protect wildlife, and protect recreational facilities;
78          (c) maintain the [lake's] Great Salt Lake's flood plain as a hazard zone;
79          (d) promote water quality management for the [lake] Great Salt Lake and [its] the
80     Great Salt Lake's tributary streams;
81          (e) promote the development of lake brines, minerals, chemicals, and petro-chemicals
82     to aid the state's economy;
83          (f) encourage the use of appropriate areas for extraction of brine, minerals, chemicals,
84     and petro-chemicals;

85          (g) maintain the [lake] Great Salt Lake and the marshes as important to [the]
86     shorebirds, waterfowl, and other waterbird flyway system;
87          (h) encourage the development of an integrated industrial complex;
88          (i) promote and maintain recreation areas on and surrounding the [lake] Great Salt
89     Lake;
90          (j) encourage safe boating use of the [lake] Great Salt Lake;
91          (k) maintain and protect state, federal, and private marshlands, rookeries, and wildlife
92     refuges; and
93          (l) provide public access to the [lake] Great Salt Lake for recreation, hunting, and
94     fishing.
95          (2) [Employ] The division may employ personnel and purchase equipment and supplies
96     [which] that the Legislature authorizes through appropriations for the purposes of this chapter.
97          (3) [Initiate] The division may initiate studies of the [lake] Great Salt Lake and [its] the
98     Great Salt Lake's related resources.
99          (4) [Publish] The division may publish scientific and technical information concerning
100     the [lake] Great Salt Lake.
101          (5) [Define] The division shall define the [lake's] Great Salt Lake's flood plain.
102          (6) [Qualify] The division may qualify for, accept, and administer grants, gifts, or other
103     funds from the federal government and other sources, for carrying out any functions under this
104     chapter.
105          (7) [Determine] The division shall determine the need for public works and utilities for
106     the lake area.
107          (8) [Implement] The division may implement the comprehensive plan described in
108     Subsection (1) through state and local entities or agencies.
109          (9) [Coordinate] The division shall coordinate the activities of the various divisions
110     within the Department of Natural Resources with respect to the [lake] Great Salt Lake.
111          (10) [Perform] The division may perform all other acts reasonably necessary to carry
112     out the purposes and provisions of this chapter.

113          (11) [Retain] The division shall retain and encourage the continued activity of the
114     Great Salt Lake technical team.
115          (12) The division shall administer Chapter 16, Great Salt Lake Watershed
116     Enhancement Program.
117          Section 2. Section 65A-16-101 is enacted to read:

Part 1. General Provisions

120          65A-16-101. Definitions.
121          As used in this chapter:
122          (1) "Conservation organization" means an institution, corporation, foundation, or
123     association that is:
124          (a) private;
125          (b) nonprofit; and
126          (c) founded for the purpose of promoting conservation of natural resources.
127          (2) "Council" means the Great Salt Lake Advisory Council created in Section
128     73-30-201.
129          (3) "Division" means the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands.
130          (4) "Eligible applicant" means two or more conservation organizations that submit a
131     joint grant application to the division under Section 65A-16-201 and meet the criteria listed in
132     Subsection 65A-16-201(3)(a).
133          (5) "Grant money" means money the division awards to an eligible applicant pursuant
134     to this chapter.
135          (6) "Grantee" means an eligible applicant that receives a grant authorized under this
136     chapter.
137          (7) "Great Salt Lake watershed" means the area comprised of the Great Salt Lake, the
138     Bear River watershed, the Jordan River watershed, the Utah Lake watershed, the Weber River
139     watershed, and the West Desert watershed.
140          (8) "Program" means the Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Program created

141     under Section 65A-16-201.
142          Section 3. Section 65A-16-102 is enacted to read:
143          65A-16-102. Rulemaking.
144          In accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, and
145     Subsection 65A-16-201(5)(c), the division may make rules to administer the program in
146     accordance with this chapter.
147          Section 4. Section 65A-16-201 is enacted to read:
Part 2. Program Established

149          65A-16-201. Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Program established.
150          (1) There is created the "Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Program" to issue
151     grant money to establish a water trust to implement projects, programs, or voluntary
152     arrangements that:
153          (a) retain or enhance water flows to:
154          (i) sustain the Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake's wetlands; and
155          (ii) improve water quality and quantity for the Great Salt Lake within the Great Salt
156     Lake watershed;
157          (b) conserve and restore upstream habitats that are key to protecting the hydrology and
158     health of the Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake's surrounding ecosystem;
159          (c) attract or leverage other public or private funding to enhance and preserve the Great
160     Salt Lake watershed;
161          (d) engage agricultural producers, local landowners, local planning authorities, and
162     others to support the Great Salt Lake;
163          (e) support or benefit the Great Salt Lake's natural infrastructure;
164          (f) protect and restore uplands, wetlands, and habitats in the Great Salt Lake watershed
165     that benefit hydrologic or ecosystem functions of the Great Salt Lake;
166          (g) support efforts to integrate water planning and management efforts that benefit the
167     Great Salt Lake watershed;
168          (h) undertake assessments or studies as necessary, consistent with the goals of this

169     Subsection (1);
170          (i) support projects or programs to respond to low water levels and rising salinity in the
171     Great Salt Lake;
172          (j) require the creation and operation of one or more endowments to sustain the water
173     trust and fulfill the purposes of this chapter; or
174          (k) otherwise fulfill the purposes of this Subsection (1) to enhance, preserve, or protect
175     the Great Salt Lake.
176          (2) (a) Subject to legislative appropriations, the division shall award a one-time grant
177     to one eligible applicant to establish a water trust authorized under this section.
178          (b) The amount of the one-time grant under this Subsection (2) shall be equal to the
179     entire appropriation made to the division to implement this chapter.
180          (c) Notwithstanding the requirements for the division issuing a one-time grant under
181     this section, after the grant is issued, the division may receive additional appropriations to be
182     used for the purposes of this chapter, including providing money to the water trust created
183     under this chapter.
184          (3) To be considered for the one-time grant under Subsection (2), an eligible applicant
185     shall submit a written application to the division within 60 days of the effective date of this bill
186     that:
187          (a) demonstrates that the eligible applicant meets the following criteria that are
188     necessary to submit a written application, that the eligible applicant:
189          (i) has offices and staff located in Utah; and
190          (ii) individually or collectively possesses:
191          (A) a history and ability to attract private funding to implement water and land
192     conservation projects;
193          (B) knowledge and experience with the Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake
194     watershed;
195          (C) knowledge and experience managing wetlands in the vicinity of the Great Salt
196     Lake;

197          (D) knowledge and experience in the creation of three or more water trusts or water
198     funds;
199          (E) knowledge and experience in securing approval from the Division of Water Rights
200     for water right applications that support the beneficial use of water in the Great Salt Lake;
201          (F) knowledge and experience with Utah water laws; and
202          (G) participation in the development of studies and reports on the Great Salt Lake and
203     Utah water policy;
204          (b) how the applicant will accomplish the objectives of Subsection (1);
205          (c) how the applicant will satisfy Part 3, Water Trust; and
206          (d) a description of the types of money, in-kind contributions, and other resources the
207     applicant could contribute or attract to support the creation, operation, and administration of a
208     water trust.
209          (4) The division, in consultation with the council and the director of the Division of
210     Water Quality, shall evaluate and rank the applications received under Subsection (3)
211     according to each eligible applicant's experience and demonstrated ability to:
212          (a) attract and secure public and private funding to implement water and land
213     conservation projects;
214          (b) address water quality and hydrology issues of the Great Salt Lake and within the
215     Great Salt Lake watershed;
216          (c) create and operate water trusts;
217          (d) secure approval from the Division of Water Rights for water right applications that
218     support beneficial use of water in the Great Salt Lake;
219          (e) understand, use, and work to improve Utah water laws in a manner that benefits the
220     Great Salt Lake watershed while protecting other beneficial uses of water; and
221          (f) participate in collaborative efforts to develop strategies and recommendations to
222     ensure adequate water for the Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake watershed.
223          (5) (a) Within 90 days of the effective date of this bill, the division shall select the
224     highest ranking eligible applicant as the grantee.

225          (b) The division shall distribute the appropriated money to the grantee as soon as
226     reasonably practicable following the execution of an agreement or agreements that satisfy the
227     requirements of Subsections 51-2a-201.5(4) and 63J-1-220(2).
228          (c) The division shall issue the grant within the time period required under this
229     Subsection (5) notwithstanding whether the division has adopted rules to administer the
230     program under Section 65A-16-102.
231          (6) If the division does not receive an application from an eligible applicant that
232     satisfies each of the evaluation criteria of Subsection (4), the division shall issue a request for
233     proposals under a competitive award process and shall select the most qualified applicant to
234     receive the grant.
235          Section 5. Section 65A-16-202 is enacted to read:
236          65A-16-202. Oversight.
237          (1) The division shall oversee whether a grantee and the water trust that the grantee
238     establishes comply with this chapter.
239          (2) (a) The division, in consultation with the council and the Division of Water
240     Quality, shall establish by rule made in accordance with Section 65A-16-102, interventions for
241     a grantee or water trust that fails to comply with this chapter.
242          (b) The rules establishing interventions under Subsection (2)(a) shall include, among
243     other actions, requiring the grantee or water trust to return unexpended grant money to the
244     division for failure to comply with this chapter.
245          (3) This section may not be construed as limiting the state auditor's enforcement
246     authority under Section 51-2a-201.5.
247          Section 6. Section 65A-16-203 is enacted to read:
248          65A-16-203. Grantee requirements.
249          A grantee that receives grant money under this chapter shall:
250          (1) comply with Section 51-2a-201.5, Subsection 63J-1-220(2), and other applicable
251     laws, regulations, ordinances, or rules; and
252          (2) use grant money to carry out the objectives of Subsection 65A-16-201(1) and to

253     operate the water trust in a manner required by Section 65A-16-301, provided that this chapter
254     may not be construed as limiting the grantee's ability to obtain funding from other public and
255     private sources to assist in the establishment, operation, and administration of the water trust.
256          Section 7. Section 65A-16-301 is enacted to read:
Part 3. Water Trust

258          65A-16-301. Water trust -- Powers and duties -- Advisory councils.
259          (1) The grantee under this chapter shall establish a water trust that:
260          (a) is organized:
261          (i) as a private nonprofit organization; or
262          (ii) as an agreement between two or more conservation organizations; and
263          (b) complies with this section.
264          (2) A water trust created under this section shall:
265          (a) use a fiduciary to hold and administer grant money appropriated under this chapter;
266          (b) subject to Subsection (6):
267          (i) register with the lieutenant governor as a limited purpose entity pursuant to Section
268     51-2a-201.5;
269          (ii) file with the state auditor on or before June 30 of each year the accounting report
270     that:
271          (A) satisfies Subsection 51-2a-201.5(2);
272          (B) includes an itemized accounting of the in-kind contributions and other monetary
273     contributions described in Subsection (4); and
274          (C) includes an itemized accounting of the costs incurred under Subsection (3)(a);
275          (iii) provide a copy of the accounting report described in Subsection (2)(b)(ii) to:
276          (A) the division;
277          (B) the Division of Water Quality;
278          (C) the council; and
279          (D) the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Quality Appropriations
280     Subcommittee;

281          (iv) file with the division on or before January 31 of each year a report that satisfies the
282     requirements of Subsections 51-2a-201.5(4) and 63J-1-220(2); and
283          (v) provide a copy of the report described in Subsection (2)(b)(iv) to:
284          (A) the Division of Water Quality;
285          (B) the council; and
286          (C) the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Quality Appropriations
287     Subcommittee; and
288          (c) comply with applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and rules.
289          (3) A water trust established by a grantee under this section:
290          (a) may use grant money for costs to establish, operate, or administer the water trust,
291     including the hiring of staff or contractors;
292          (b) shall use no less than 25% of the grant money to protect and restore wetlands and
293     habitats in the Great Salt Lake's surrounding ecosystem to benefit the hydrology of the Great
294     Salt Lake; and
295          (c) may invest grant money the water trust receives under this chapter or any private
296     money the water trust may receive, except that the water trust shall:
297          (i) invest and account for grant money and private money separately; and
298          (ii) use the earnings received from the investment of grant money to carry out the
299     purposes described in Subsection 65A-16-201(1).
300          (4) The water trust shall provide a significant match of in-kind contributions or other
301     monetary contributions to support the water trust's operations and for the purposes described in
302     Subsection 65A-16-201(1).
303          (5) (a) A water trust established under this section shall create and consult with one or
304     more advisory councils on matters related to the mission and objectives of the water trust.
305          (b) At least one of the advisory councils shall consist of nine members with a
306     representative from the following:
307          (i) agriculture;
308          (ii) a private land owner adjacent to the Great Salt Lake;

309          (iii) a conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of migratory waterfowl;
310          (iv) a conservation organization dedicated to the protection of non-game avian species;
311          (v) another conservation organization working on Great Salt Lake issues;
312          (vi) aquaculture;
313          (vii) mineral extraction;
314          (viii) a water conservancy district; and
315          (ix) wastewater treatment facilities.
316          (6) The duties of the water trust under Subsection (2)(b) apply to the water trust
317     notwithstanding whether the holdings, revenues, or expenditures of the water trust include
318     grant money or other money from the state.
319          Section 8. Appropriation.
320          The following sums of money are appropriated for the fiscal year beginning July 1,
321     2021, and ending June 30, 2022. These are additions to amounts previously appropriated for
322     fiscal year 2023. Under the terms and conditions of Title 63J, Chapter 1, Budgetary Procedures
323     Act, the Legislature appropriates the following sums of money from the funds or accounts
324     indicated for the use and support of the government of the state of Utah.
325     ITEM 1
326          To Department of Natural Resources -- Forestry, Fire, and State Lands
327               From General Fund, One-time

328               Schedule of Programs:
329                    Project Management                    $40,000,000
330          The Legislature intends that:
331          (1) the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands uses this one-time appropriation to
332     issue a grant under Title 65A, Chapter 16, Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Program,
333     enacted by this bill;
334          (2) the appropriation be nonlapsing; and
335          (3) the appropriation only be used for the purposes of Title 65A, Chapter 16, Great Salt
336     Lake Watershed Enhancement Program.

337          Section 9. Effective date.
338          If approved by two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, this bill takes effect
339     upon approval by the governor, or the day following the constitutional time limit of Utah
340     Constitution, Article VII, Section 8, without the governor's signature, or in the case of a veto,
341     the date of veto override.
342          Section 10. Revisor instructions.
343          The Legislature intends that the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, in
344     preparing the Utah Code database for publication, replace the reference in Subsections
345     65A-16-201(3) and (5) from "the effective date of this bill" to the bill's actual effective date.