Chief Sponsor: Karen Mayne

House Sponsor: Val L. Peterson


9     General Description:
10          This bill amends provisions related to donations to the Rocky Mountain Center for
11     Occupational and Environmental Health (center).
12     Highlighted Provisions:
13          This bill:
14          ▸     modifies certain donations that a workers' compensation insurer may make to the
15     center to offset against certain workers' compensation-related assessments to
16     include donations supporting undergraduate level education and training.
17     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
18          None
19     Other Special Clauses:
20          None
21     Utah Code Sections Affected:
22     AMENDS:
23          59-9-102.5, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2021, Chapter 425

25     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
26          Section 1. Section 59-9-102.5 is amended to read:
27          59-9-102.5. Offset for occupational health and safety related donations.

28          (1) As used in this section:
29          (a) "Occupational health and safety center" means the Rocky Mountain Center for
30     Occupational and Environmental Health created in Title 53B, Chapter 30, Part 2, Rocky
31     Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health.
32          (b) "Qualified donation" means a donation that is:
33          (i) cash;
34          (ii) given directly to an occupational health and safety center; and
35          (iii) given exclusively for the purpose of:
36          (A) supporting undergraduate or graduate level education and training in fields of:
37          (I) safety and ergonomics;
38          (II) industrial hygiene;
39          (III) occupational health nursing;
40          (IV) occupational injury prevention; and
41          (V) occupational medicine;
42          (B) providing continuing education programs for employers designed to promote
43     workplace safety; and
44          (C) paying reasonable administrative, personnel, equipment, and overhead costs of the
45     occupational health and safety center.
46          (c) "Workers' compensation insurer" means an admitted insurer writing workers'
47     compensation insurance in this state that is required to pay the premium assessment imposed
48     under Subsection 59-9-101(2).
49          (2) (a) A workers' compensation insurer may offset against the premium assessment
50     imposed under Subsection 59-9-101(2) an amount equal to the lesser of:
51          (i) the total of qualified donations made by the workers' compensation insurer in the
52     calendar year for which the premium assessment is calculated; and
53          (ii) .20% of the workers' compensation insurer's total workers' compensation premium
54     income as defined in Subsection 59-9-101(2)(b) in the calendar year for which the premium
55     assessment is calculated.
56          (b) The offset provided under this Subsection (2) shall be allocated in proportion to the
57     percentages provided in Subsection 59-9-101(2)(c).
58          (3) An occupational health and safety center shall:

59          (a) provide a workers' compensation insurer a receipt for any qualified donation made
60     by the workers' compensation insurer to the occupational health and safety center;
61          (b) expend money received by a qualified donation:
62          (i) for the purposes described in Subsection (1)(b)(iii); and
63          (ii) in a manner that can be audited to ensure that the money is expended for the
64     purposes described in Subsection (1)(b)(iii); and
65          (c) in conjunction with the report required by Section 34A-2-202.5, report to the Office
66     of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst for review by the Higher Education Appropriations
67     Subcommittee by no later than August 15 of each year:
68          (i) the qualified donations received by the occupational health and safety center in the
69     previous calendar year; and
70          (ii) the expenditures during the previous calendar year of qualified donations received
71     by the occupational health and safety center.