Chief Sponsor: Daniel McCay

House Sponsor: Mike Schultz


8     General Description:
9          This bill addresses the state flag of Utah.
10     Highlighted Provisions:
11          This bill:
12          ▸     establishes a new state flag of Utah;
13          ▸     describes the design and meaning of the new state flag;
14          ▸     designates the current state flag as the historical state flag;
15          ▸     provides for the display of both flags; and
16          ▸     depicts the flags in images.
17     Money Appropriated in this Bill:
18          None
19     Other Special Clauses:
20          This bill provides a special effective date.
21     Utah Code Sections Affected:
22     ENACTS:
23          63G-1-503, Utah Code Annotated 1953
25          63G-1-501, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2021, Chapter 205

27     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
28          Section 1. Section 63G-1-501 is repealed and reenacted to read:

Part 5. State Flags

30          63G-1-501. State flag -- Description -- Image -- Display.
31          (1) The state flag of Utah shall be a rectangle that has a width to length ratio of three to
32     five and contain the following:
33          (a) two irregular, horizontal lines dividing the flag into three separate segments, of
34     which:
35          (i) the top segment:
36          (A) is located above the higher horizontal line; and
37          (B) is shaded in blue;
38          (ii) the middle segment:
39          (A) is located between the two horizontal lines;
40          (B) is shaded in white;
41          (C) at the higher horizontal line, takes the shape of a mountain with five peaks, the
42     center peak being the tallest and following the shape of the highest point of the hexagon
43     described in Subsection (1)(b); and
44          (D) at the lower horizontal line, follows the shape of the lowest point of the hexagon
45     described in Subsection (1)(b); and
46          (iii) the bottom segment:
47          (A) is located below the lower horizontal line; and
48          (B) is shaded in red;
49          (b) one hexagon that:
50          (i) is shaded in blue;
51          (ii) contains a smaller gold hexagon outline; and
52          (iii) is placed within the center of the middle segment described in Subsection
53     (1)(a)(ii);
54          (c) one beehive that:
55          (i) is shaded in gold;

56          (ii) contains five hive sections with a small semicircle removed from the center of the
57     base of the lowest section; and
58          (iii) is placed within the center of the hexagon described in Subsection (1)(b); and
59          (d) one five-pointed Utah star that:
60          (i) is shaded in white; and
61          (ii) is placed below the center of the beehive described in Subsection (1)(c).
62          (2) The state flag shall represent and symbolize the following:
63          (a) the beehive described in Subsection (1)(c) symbolizes industry, community, and the
64     year 1847, the year in which pioneers first settled Utah;
65          (b) the Utah star described in Subsection (1)(d) symbolizes hope and the year 1896, the
66     year in which Utah was admitted to statehood;
67          (c) the hexagon described in Subsection (1)(b) symbolizes the strength of Utah's
68     people;
69          (d) the top segment described in Subsection (1)(a)(i) represents Utah's skies and
70     symbolizes faith;
71          (e) the middle segment described in Subsection (1)(a)(ii) represents Utah's snowy
72     mountains and peace, the peaks of which symbolize Utah's indigenous peoples; and
73          (f) the bottom segment described in Subsection (1)(a)(iii) represents the red rocks of
74     Southern Utah and symbolizes perseverance and the state's unique landscapes.
75          (3) The state flag shall appear consistent with the following image:

77          (4) The state flag shall be available in the public domain and be displayed on all
78     occasions when the state is officially and publicly represented, with the privilege of use by all
79     citizens upon any occasion deemed fitting and appropriate.
80          (5) The lieutenant governor shall establish standards and specifications for the
81     manufacture and display of the state flag.
82          Section 2. Section 63G-1-503 is enacted to read:
83          63G-1-503. Historic state flag -- Description -- Image -- Display.
84          (1) The historic state flag shall be a flag of blue field, with the following device
85     worked in natural colors on the center of the blue field:
86          (a) in the center a shield;
87          (b) above the shield and thereon an American eagle with outstretched wings;
88          (c) the top of the shield pierced with six arrows arranged crosswise;
89          (d) upon the shield under the arrows the word "Industry," and below the word
90     "Industry" on the center of the shield, a beehive;
91          (e) on each side of the beehive, growing sego lilies;
92          (f) below the beehive and near the bottom of the shield, the word "Utah";

93          (g) below the word "Utah" and on the bottom of the shield, the figures "1847";
94          (h) behind the shield, there shall be two American flags on flagstaffs placed crosswise
95     with the flags so draped to project beyond each side of the shield, the heads of the flagstaffs
96     appearing in front of the eagle's wings and the bottom of each staff appearing over the face of
97     the draped flag below the shield;
98          (i) below the shield and flags and upon the blue field, the figures "1896"; and
99          (j) around the entire design, a narrow circle in gold.
100          (2) The historic state flag shall appear consistent with any of the following three
101     images:
105          (3) All citizens maintain the right to use the historic state flag upon any occasion
106     deemed fitting and appropriate.
107          (4) The lieutenant governor shall establish standards and specifications for the

108     manufacture and display of the historic state flag.
109          (5) The historic state flag shall be displayed:
110          (a) on state property during legal holidays described in Section 63G-1-301, as deemed
111     appropriate by the governor; and
112          (b) on the capitol hill complex, as defined in Section 63C-9-102, during the annual
113     general session of the Legislature.
114          (6) (a) The historic state flag may be displayed on state property for ceremonial
115     purposes, so long as the flag is serviceable.
116          (b) The historic state flag shall be replaced by the state flag of Utah, as described in
117     Section 63G-1-501, when the historic state flag is not displayed for ceremonial purposes.
118          (c) When displaying the historic state flag on public grounds in any location where the
119     state flag of Utah, as described in Section 63G-1-501, is also displayed, the governmental
120     entity responsible for the display of the flags shall ensure that the historic state flag is displayed
121     beneath the state flag of Utah.
122          Section 3. Effective date.
123          This bill takes effect on March 9, 2024.