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From: louis7777777@hushmail.com
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Re: marc roberts nsa bill
Date: 2014-02-15T19:53:16Z
it will stop this rogue fed govt from breaking the 4th amendment of the constitution

do you know about fast and furious gun running to mexico
do you know about the irs targeting political enemys
do you know about the nsa spying on everyone with warrents
do you know about the NDAA attacking due process and habias corpus
do you know about 150 presidential directives many unconstitutional
do you know about the corrupt federal reserve
do you know about sandy hook


do you know about oklahoma city

do you know about the lies the fed govt prapagates
to go to war with all the middle east nations
where christians are being killed by the thousands right now because of the radical element they give the country over to,unconstitutional wars,
prompted by the UN to bring these nations into a one world govt with the global elite in charge ,
united nations- ah yes , agenda 21 , small arms treaty , global warming deception ,and any other  of the many treatys going crosswise to our consitution that they push
 how about the revolving door of jobs between the treasury , federal reserve and goldman sachs
how about the deindustrialation of the us through nafta , cafta and this other trade agreement recently that was not shown to congress , secret trade only
corporate heads allow to attend

Well watch these two links, documentary evidence , its hard for me to believe you dont see what their doing, something bad has happened to washington dc

one shows about sandy hook by ex highway patrol

the next oklahoma city many ex police and other whistle blowers, ,join the fight to preserve our state, we have the 10th amendment
its the fight to protect the constitution in our state to preserve our way of life
that obama and his crew is trying to destroy

United Nations = One World Govt

I hope this helps

On 02/15/2014 at 9:15 AM, "Michael Mckell" <mmckell@le.utah.gov> wrote:
Who are you and where do you live?  Please explain how you believe the bill will help.

Mike McKell

Representative Michael K. McKell
Utah State Legislature
House of Representatives
House District 66
642 Kirby Lane, Suite 105
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
(801) 210-1495 cell

From: "louis7777777@hushmail.com" <louis7777777@hushmail.com>
Date: Friday, February 14, 2014 10:53 PM
To: "alphaomega77@safe-mail.com" <alphaomega77@safe-mail.com>
Subject: marc roberts nsa bill

please support the bill put up by marc roberts to shut off the water to the nsa building , we have to do something to stop this rogue fed govt