Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

OLRGC serves the Legislature, legislative committees, and individual legislators by providing nonpartisan policy and legal analysis, drafting legislation, staffing legislative committees, and managing legislative data and processes. We are subject matter experts, from specific policy areas to legislative process and procedure. OLRGC's legal staff also provides legal counsel and representation for our legislative clients in state and federal court.


Issue Identification

  • Respond to legislators' or legislative committees' requests for research
  • Receive requests for legislation from legislators and legislative committees
  • Define and discuss the issue with legislators and, at their request, with relevant stakeholders


  • In-depth analysis on programs, practices, and procedures implemented by other states, the federal government, or the state of Utah's executive branch, judicial branch, or political subdivisions
  • Legal and constitutional research and analysis
  • Multistate comparisons and surveys
  • Academic and industry research and analysis
  • Federal and state legislation and litigation tracking

Policy Development & Legislative Drafting

  • Apply research and identify and evaluate policy options
  • Draft legislation
  • Prepare policy briefs and presentations
  • Provide legal counsel
  • Coordinate with stakeholders
  • Present policy options, research, and draft legislation to legislative committees

Policy Adoption

  • Draft amendments and substitute legislation
  • Track legislation and data from the time legislation is numbered through enrolling
  • Assist committee chairs, committees, and individual legislators with the application of legislative committee rules and process
  • Assist individual legislators with preparing information and materials needed for committee presentations
  • Coordinate and facilitate legislative committee meetings

Legal Representation in State and Federal Court

  • File amicus briefs on behalf of the Legislature
  • Represent individual legislators, legislative committees, or the entire Legislature

Legislative Data and Process Management

  • Process legislative bill files as they flow through the entire legislative process
  • Maintain Utah Code database and other databases and programs

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