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A Guide to Utah's Independent Entities

A Guide to Utah's Independent Entities provides an understanding of the types of Independent Entities, and details about each Independent Entity, including purpose, history, and reporting and contact information.

Policy 360 Briefings

Policy 360 Briefings are given by Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel Policy Analysts and Legal Staff to legislators during the annual legislative session and take a deeper dive into different topics of interest.

COVID-19 Reports by Senate and House District

COVID-19 reports, using data collected by the Utah Department of Health, provide detailed charts for each Senate and House District regarding COVID-19 vaccine supplies, vaccinations, test administration, positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Interim Highlights

Interim Highlights are created once a month (following each interim day) and summarizes each Legislative Interim Meeting from the previous month. Interim Highlights include a summary of discussions, presentations, and the committee's actions.

Senate and House District Demographic Profiles

Periodically, district demographic profiles are prepared using information from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey for each Senate and House District. Each contains detailed demographic information and compares the district's demographic profile to other legislative districts and to the statewide average.

Legislative Interim Report

Legislative rules require each interim committee to report to the Legislative Management Committee regarding the outcome of each issue the committee studied. The Legislative Interim Report is a compilation of each committee's work during the interim, including each piece of legislation the committee recommended and outcomes of other issues that the committee studied.

Utah State Government Organization Charts

The Utah State Government Organization Charts contain organization charts for Utah's legislative, executive, and judicial branches of state government as well as independent governmental entities. It is updated every two years.

Laws of Utah

Laws of Utah is a publication of session laws passed each General and Special Session. The Laws of Utah contains the bill number, bill text, sponsor, and effective date for each bill passed. The Laws of Utah, 1851-current, are available from the Utah Government Digital Library and from HeinOnline at the Utah State Library Division's Utah's Online Public Library. They are also provided in PDF.

Interim Study Items

Legislative rules require each interim committee, at its first meeting of the year, to consider and adopt a list of policy issues that the committee will study during the interim. The interim study item list that the committee considers is first reviewed and approved by the Legislative Management Committee (LMC). Note: these lists show what LMC approved and do not reflect any changes that an interim committee made during its first meeting.

Briefing Papers

Briefing papers are in-depth reports that describe and analyze a specific policy issue. These are created periodically or as requested by a legislator or legislative committee.

Legislative Rules

Legislative Rules, divided into House Rules, Senate Rules, and Joint Rules, help govern the legislative process. Legislative Rules are created and amended by House Rules Resolutions, Senate Rules Resolution, and Joint Rules Resolutions.

Digest of Legislation

The Digest of Legislation provides long titles of bills and resolutions enacted each General and Special Session. Bills and resolutions passed and not passed are indexed by subject. The Digest also provides statistical summary data and lists sponsors, sections of Utah Code affected, effective dates, and session law citations. The Digests were discontinued after 2014.

Legislative Drafting Style Manual

The Legislative Drafting Style Manual is a style guide for the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel's drafting of legislation.

Utah State Government - A Citizen's Guide

Utah State Government - A Citizen's Guide is a book published by the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel in 2005. It is an easy-to-read explanation of how state government works, what powers and responsibilities the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government have, and how state government interacts with federal and local governments.

Utah Legislature's YouTube Channel

The Utah Legislature's YouTube Channel provides videos authored by legislative staff.

Task Force Report

Task Force Reports summarize the findings and recommendations of task forces that the Legislature created to study a specific policy issue.

Utah Data

Utah data reports compile data regarding Utah crime rates, education, taxes, transportation, health and human services, and the environment.

Session Highlights

Session Highlights is a list of select legislation from the annual general session.

Passed Bills List

The Past Bills List shows each piece of legislation passed during the annual general session.