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From: Ryan Frost
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: I support HB 37
Date: 2014-01-28T21:21:43Z
Dear Rules Committee Members,

I am writing you today to illustrate my support of Rep Pitcher's bill restoring access to public waters of our state to the public. I have read the wording in this bill carefully, and I feel that it has the opportunity to create the needed compromise and protects the rights of private property owners as well as the rights of the use of public water for any beneficial purpose. Both are to be protected under our state's constitution and some of these rights were trampled upon in 2010 via HB 141. This caused two court cases that are costing tax payers millions of dollars to fight, and only to an inevitable outcome as HB141 clearly violates Article XVII of our state's constitution.

Please assign this bill to an appropriate sub-committee as soon as possible. I feel it is necessary to do so early in this session as many of the representatives are new to the house and need to be educated about the ramifications of 2010 HB141 and why 2014 HB37 is an appropriate compromise.


Ryan Frost
1921 E Stag Hill Cir
Draper, UT 84020
801-867-6758 Cell