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From: Allan Hales
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Common Core
Date: 2013-04-13T12:58:42Z

I would like to know what you are going to do about abolishing Common Core in Utah and getting us back to a solid foundation of teaching. This is evil that we have allowed the Feds and the State School board to destroy the education system in Utah and put our children at jeopardy of learning.


If you are in support of Common Core, I would like to know why?


Please read a teachers response to Common Core.


Allan Hales


I want to share a comment I just received from a teacher in Jordan School District who teaches 6th grade. This is very alarming and I encourage you to share this with your legislators so they understand what is happening with Common Core.


I have posted this comment at this link so you can share it on FB and other media.



“I recently attended a common core day of cheer leading for the sixth grade teachers in my district.  Money was used to pay for subs so that we could all hear for a day why the common core was so wonderful.  We were told that students would no longer be graded on completion of assignments or an average of assignment and test scores over a grading period.  Instead grading will be based on mastery of a subject.  How do we determine mastery?  The district has provided bench mark tests in language arts.  We were told that these are not mandatory BUT that if we did not use them they would become mandatory.  I find it scary that students will now be graded only on tests written by the core.  The final assessment was a research paper on modern revolutions.  Interesting how now in the sixth grade learning can be skewed to a political point of view that may or may not be historically accurate.  I find the curriculum scary and the measurement of learning terrifying. I know though that any questions I asked contrary to the core were met with anger and frustration. It was NOT allowed and dismissed to ask a question that was not common core friendly. I along with other teachers are afraid to speak out publicly against the core for fear of losing our jobs. I work in the Jordan school district.”



Oak Norton