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Chief Sponsor: Paul Ray

Senate Sponsor: Darin G. Peterson

             8      Cosponsors:
             9      Douglas C. Aagard
             10      J. Stuart Adams
             11      Sheryl L. Allen
             12      Roger E. Barrus
             13      Duane E. Bourdeaux
             14      DeMar Bud Bowman
             15      LaVar Christensen
             16      Tim M. Cosgrove
             17      David N. Cox
             18      Bradley M. Daw
             19      Margaret Dayton
             20      Brad L. Dee
             21      Glenn A. Donnelson
             22      Carl W. Duckworth
             23      James A. Dunnigan
             24      James A. FerrinJulie Fisher
Craig A. Frank
Kerry W. Gibson
James R. Gowans
Neil A. Hansen
Ann W. Hardy
Wayne A. Harper
Neal B. Hendrickson
David L. Hogue
Kory M. Holdaway
Gregory H. Hughes
Fred R. Hunsaker
Eric K. Hutchings
Bradley T. Johnson
Todd E. Kiser
Bradley G. Last
Rebecca D. LockhartSteven R. Mascaro
John G. Mathis
Ronda Rudd Menlove
Karen W. Morgan
Michael T. Morley
Carol Spackman Moss
Joseph G. Murray
Merlynn T. Newbold
Michael E. Noel
Curtis Oda
Patrick Painter
LaWanna Lou Shurtliff
Aaron Tilton
Stephen H. Urquhart
Mark W. Walker
Peggy Wallace
Scott L Wyatt              25     
             26      LONG TITLE
             27      General Description:
             28          This concurrent resolution of the Legislature and the Governor supports the placement
             29      of white crosses as roadside memorials to honor patrol officers killed in the line of duty.
             30      Highlighted Provisions:
             31          This resolution:
             32          .    expresses support for the Utah Highway Patrol's placement of white crosses, or
             33      other appropriate symbols as requested by the family, as memorials to Highway
             34      Patrol Officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

             35      Special Clauses:
             36          None
             38      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
             39          WHEREAS, since the creation of the Utah Highway Patrol in 1935, 14 Highway Patrol
             40      officers have been killed in the line of duty;
             41          WHEREAS, the 14 Utah Highway Patrolmen who have been killed in the line of duty
             42      are Patrolman George "Ed" VanWagenen and Troopers Armond A. "Monty" Luke, George Dee
             43      Rees, Charles D. Warren, John R. Winn, William J. Antoniewicz, Robert B. Hutchings, Ray
             44      Lynn Pierson, Daniel W. Harris, Joseph "Joey" S. Brumett III, Dennis "Dee" Lund, Doyle R.
             45      Thorne, Randy K. Ingram, and Thomas S. Rettberg;
             46          WHEREAS, for the families of these officers who have paid the ultimate price for their
             47      service, there is often very little that can be done to stem the tide of their grief and suffering, or
             48      to help them move on with their lives;
             49          WHEREAS, the families of these officers killed in the line of duty have been involved
             50      in, and have supported, the creation of roadside memorials that are placed near the location of
             51      the incidents that caused the deaths of their loved ones;
             52          WHEREAS, each memorial represents a Utah Highway Patrol officer who died in the
             53      line of duty and service to the state of Utah and its citizens;
             54          WHEREAS, a white cross has become widely accepted as a symbol of a death, and not
             55      a religious symbol, when placed along a highway;
             56          WHEREAS, the memorials remind the citizens of Utah and this nation of the price that
             57      is too often paid for safety and freedom;
             58          WHEREAS, the memorials also console the family members left behind, who too often
             59      consist of young mothers and young children;
             60          WHEREAS, the primary feature of the memorials is a white cross, which was never
             61      intended as a religious symbol, but as a symbol of the sacrifice made by these highway patrol
             62      officers;

             63          WHEREAS, the beehive emblem, which is also the official state emblem, is attached to
             64      the cross because the emblem is worn as part of the official Utah Highway Patrol uniform;
             65          WHEREAS, the purchase and placement of these memorials has been accomplished
             66      with private funds only; and
             67          WHEREAS, given the heartfelt yet nonsectarian intentions of the memorials, removing
             68      or tampering with them would clearly convey an absence of concern, respect, and recognition
             69      of the sacrifices made by these officers and their families:
             70          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
             71      Governor concurring therein, express support for the Utah Highway Patrol's use of white
             72      crosses, or other appropriate symbols as requested by the family, as roadside memorials as a
             73      means to pay tribute to the heroes from the ranks of the Utah Highway Patrol who have fallen
             74      and to their families.
             75          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to the surviving
             76      spouse or nearest relative of each Utah Highway Patrol Officer who has been killed in the line
             77      of duty and service to the citizens of Utah, the Utah Highway Patrol, and the Utah Highway
             78      Patrol Association.

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