Health Reform Task Force

Utah Legislature

Thursday, August 22, 2013 • 9:00 a.m. • Room 30 House Building


Time Frame

9:00       1.     Task Force Business

     Call to order

     Approval of the minutes of the July 18, 2013, meeting

     Update on task force teams



9:05       2.     Federal Regulations Update

The task force will be briefed on federal Affordable Care Act regulations and other implementation guidance issued since the task force's last meeting.


     Task force staff

     Committee discussion/action



9:35       3.     Health Insurance Exchanges: Plans, Premiums, and Assisters

The task force will be briefed on the plans recommended to the U.S. Department of Health and Human by the Utah Insurance Department for certification as qualified health plans. The task force will also be briefed on the development of premiums for plans in each of the exchanges; navigator applications, training, and licensing; and the prevalence of early renewals.

     Utah Insurance Department

     Public comment

     Committee discussion/action


10:05     4.     Implementation Update

The task force will be briefed by the Utah Department of Workforce Services and the Utah Department of Health on their implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act.

     Department of Workforce Services

     Department of Health

     Public comment

     Committee discussion/action



10:30     5.     State Innovation Models Initiative

The task force will be briefed on the work of executive branch committees developing

proposals under the federal Affordable Care Act’s State Innovation Models Initiative.


     Department of Health

     Mr. R. Chet Loftis, Director, Public Employees Health Program

     Public comment

     Committee discussion/action



11:15     6.     Other Business


11:20     7.     Adjourn




The Avenue H and Insurance Market Team will meet Thursday, August 22, 2013, immediately following adjournment of the task force meeting, beginning at approximately 11:30 Room 30 of the House Building (the same room where the task force meets). The Charity Care Team will meet at the same time in the Kletting Room of the Senate Building (the building on the east side of the capitol plaza). All interested parties are invited to participate.


No other task force teams are scheduled to meet August 22.


Notice of topics to be covered and any changes to this schedule will be communicated by email to the task force teams. To be added to a team email list, please contact Lori Rammell, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, at 801-538-1032 or