Senate Health and Human Services Confirmation Committee

Utah Legislature

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 • 4:00 p.m. • Room 450

1.     Committee Business

     Call to order

     Introduction of Committee




2.     Overview of Committee Duties

The Senate Health and Human Services Confirmation Committee reviews the resume and qualifications of any person nominated by the governor for appointment to a board or agency within its jurisdiction. The committee will consider Governor Gary R. Herbert’s nomination of Ann Silverberg Williamson to serve as the executive director of the Department of Human Services and will recommend whether the Senate should confirm appointment of the nominee.


     Chair Christensen



3.     Consideration of the Nominee

Utah Code Section 62A-1-108 governs the appointment, compensation, qualifications, and responsibilities of the Department of Human Services executive director:


“(1)   The chief administrative officer of the department [of Human Services] is the executive director, who shall be appointed by the governor with the consent of the Senate. The executive director may be removed at the will of the governor. The executive director shall receive a salary established by the governor within the salary range fixed by the Legislature in Title 67, Chapter 22, State Officer Compensation. The executive director shall be experienced in administration, management, and coordination of complex organizations.

(2)   The executive director is responsible for:

(a)   administration and supervision of the department;

(b)   coordination of policies and program activities conducted through the boards, divisions, and offices of the department;

(c)   approval of the proposed budget of each board, division, and office within the department; and

(d)   such other duties as the Legislature or governor shall assign to him.


(3)   The executive director may appoint deputy or assistant directors to assist him in carrying out the department's responsibilities.”


     Ms. Ann Silverberg Williamson

     Committee questions and discussion

     Public comment

     Committee action



4.     Adjourn