FY 2015 Custom Fit Allocations - Angela J. Oh
Last Updated: June 20, 2014

The Custom Fit program administered by the Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT) supports economic and workforce development through training partnerships with Utah companies.  Under UCAT's oversight, the eight regional UCAT campuses, Snow College, and USU-Eastern provide Custom Fit training to local employers tailored to meet their specific educational needs. The program is designed to attract new businesses and aid in the retention and expansion of existing ones.

There are Custom Fit training offices throughout the state. Over the years, Custom Fit has worked with many types and sizes of businesses from mom and pop shops to the largest employers in the state. Custom Fit may include specific technical training, safety certifications, computer skills, leadership/management skills, etc.

During the 2014 General Session, the Legislature appropriated an additional $500,000 to UCAT for Custom Fit over the $2.7 million base. The table below shows the FY 2014 and FY 2015 allocations, as approved by the UCAT Board of Trustees, the percent increase, and the amounts specifically targeted for manufacturing. 

 FY 2014 AllocationFY 2015 Allocation% Increase
FY 2014 to FY 2015
Targeted for Manufacturing
Bridgerland ATC$365,400$400,0009.5%$70,000
Davis ATC$316,200$400,00026.5%$70,000
Dixie ATC$228,400$275,00020.4%$35,000
Mountainland ATC$362,700$400,00010.3%$70,000
Ogden-Weber ATC$359,000$400,00011.4%$70,000
Southwest ATC$219,900$275,00025.1%$35,000
Tooele ATC$87,500$200,000128.6%$40,000
Uintah Basin ATC$272,800$325,00019.1%$40,000
Snow College$235,600$250,0006.1%$35,000
UCAT Admin$3,800$9,200142.1%-
Total$2,659,200$3,159,20018.80% $500,000

UCAT provides annual data that is presented by the Fiscal Analyst to the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee during each General Session. The report includes the total number of trainees, total number of training hours, contributions by company, etc. A copy of last year's report can be viewed at: http://le.utah.gov/interim/2014/pdf/00001209.pdf.