Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Our office staff assists the Utah Legislature in the development of sound public policy, ensures the integrity of the legislative process, and preserves the legislative branch in its proper constitutional role in state government.

To accomplish our mission, we pledge to provide objective, accurate, concise, and timely information that facilitates informed decision-making and effective policy development by the legislative branch, and to create a dynamic working environment of cooperation, competence, initiative, respect, integrity, and teamwork.  

LRGC Staff

General Responsibilities
Provide legal and policy review of current law and proposed legislation
Promote understanding of critical legislative issues
Serve as a legislative liaison with other government agencies and the public
Recommend changes in the law when appropriate
Coordinate in the development and management of the Utah State Legislature web site  

Research Responsibilities
Staff legislative standing and interim committees, providing research on assigned studies
Respond to requests for information and research
Examine acts and official reports from other states
Analyze data relating to previously enacted statutes
Provide statutory retrieval
Compile analytical and legal data pertaining to legislative and governmental issues  

Legal Responsibilities
Draft and review legislation
Review final bills for accuracy
Resolve bill conflicts
Represent the Legislature in litigation
Provide legal research
Prepare legal opinions
Prepare the chapterization of the bills passed and forward this information and copies of all legislation to publishers of the session laws and the Utah Code
Update the statutory data base of the Utah Code, assuring a current data base for statutory searches and bill drafting

Legislative Research Library
Provides public assistance with legislative histories, website navigation, and information regarding the Legislature and its current and historical activities
Provides legislators and staff analytical, statistical, legal, and descriptive data relative to current and potential governmental and legislative subjects

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

210 House Building
State Capitol Complex
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Phone 801.538.1032 Fax 801.538.1712