Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

John Q. Cannon, Director

Victoria Ashby, General Counsel

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

W210 State Capitol Complex

Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Phone: 801.538.1032

About Our Office

The Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel (OLRGC) is responsible for drafting and processing all legislation, performing policy research and analysis, providing legal counsel, and staffing legislative committees. It is one of four nonpartisan staff offices that serve the Utah Legislature. OLRGC is led by two legislatively appointed managers—the director and the legislative general counsel—each of whom is appointed for a six-year term. The director supervises the powers, functions and duties of OLRGC, while, pursuant to the Utah Constitution, the legislative general counsel provides and controls all legal services for the Legislature unless otherwise provided by statute.

OLRGC has four primary staff groups:

  • Attorneys
  • Policy Analysts
  • Bill and Data Management Specialists
  • Administrative Support

OLRGC staff work in subject matter-based teams to:

  • Provide policy research and legal services to the Legislature
  • Draft and process all proposed legislation
  • Provide staff support for standing committees, interim committees, and other legislative committees, commissions, and task forces, including assisting these entities in accomplishing their respective policy objectives
  • Assist individual legislators with preparing information and materials needed for committee presentations and meetings with various stakeholders