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Utah Legislative Ethics Information

In recent years, the Utah State Legislature has enacted significant ethics legislation and adopted ethics rules and training for Utah legislators.

Rules that govern legislators:

Legislative Rules
Joint Rules
Title 6 Legislative Ethics and Adjudication of Ethics Complaints
Title: JR6

Chapter 1: Ethics Requirements Governing Legislators

Chapter 2: House and Senate Ethics Committees and Independent Legislative Ethics Commission

Chapter 3: Filing a Complaint Alleging a Violation of Legislative Ethics

Chapter 4: Procedures for Reviewing Ethics Complaints

Chapter 5: Action by Senate or House on Ethics Committee Recommendation

Chapter 6: Communications with Other Branches of Government

If you believe a member of the Utah Legislature has violated any standard of ethical conduct, you may file an ethics complaint in accordance with Joint Rules, Title 6, Chapter 3.

Mail to:

Legislative Ethics Commission
PO Box 141175
Salt Lake City UT 84114-1175

Executive Director: Kim Bouck
Email: kbouck@le.utah.gov
Telephone: 801-326-1422

Legislative Ethics Training