Get Involved

1. What issues do I want my legislators to address during their terms in office?

That question can only be answered by you. Ask yourself what you would like changed in Utah to benefit its citizens.

2. How do I find the legislators who represent me? Which voting district do I live in?

Call your county clerk for official voting district and elected official information. As a courtesy we provide the map feature below.

Find by Address/Map

3. How do I contact my legislators?

Hard copy letters, e-mails, and phone calls are effective methods to use. Addresses and telephone numbers are available for each legislator.

Senate Roster

House of Representatives Roster

4. How do I effectively communicate my ideas or concerns and offer possible solutions?

With a positive approach that will lead to mutual respect and consideration for the issues at hand, provide your legislator with the issue you want to see resolved, credible information, research and statistical data (if available), and possible solutions that will give the legislator the tools to help resolve the issue. Following these guidelines will ensure that your dialogue will be productive.

5. When I am unable to get through directly to a legislator, what should I do?

Be persistent! Remember that your senator represents approximately 70,000 citizens and your representative represents approximately 40,000 people. Allow a reasonable time for them to respond to your requests.

6. When should I contact my legislator about something that I'd like to see changed in law?

Start communicating now! Make sure you don't wait until the session begins before expressing your ideas. It is not uncommon to begin communicating about an issue months in advance of the General Session.

7. How can I encourage family, friends, and neighbors to become more aware of key issues facing our state?

Browse our website . Click on "Calendar" for current legislative activity. Click on "Committees" to view notices, agenda items, and minutes. There's a lot of information!

Remember -- one legislator's vote can make the difference in whether a bill becomes law. As a concerned citizen, you CAN make a big difference as you help your legislators understand and focus on issues that matter to you.