2001 Redistricting Information

2001 Redistricting Block and Shape Files: includes block and shape files for US Congress, Senate, House, and State Board of Education districts, and passed bill information.

2001 Redistricting In Utah, Official Maps of District Boundaries: includes a collapsible table of contents for quick access to specific maps in the US Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, and State Board of Education districts, without having to download the entire document.

US Supreme Court Ruling on Utah's Fourth Congressional District
    Full Text of Supreme Court Ruling (PDF)
    Summary of Supreme Court Ruling (PDF)

2001 Redistricting in Utah, Official Maps of District Boundaries (PDF): includes over 900 pages of the results of Utah's redistricting for Congressional, Senate, House of Representatives, and State Board of Education. In addition to detailed maps of each district's boundaries, it includes a summary showing the population of each new district, including deviation from the ideal district size, and a list of the counties or portions of counties within each district boundary. Caution: This is a huge document (85.5 MB) and may take hours to download if you are using a dial-up connection.

2001 Redistricting Committee: includes membership; links to meeting notices, agendas, minutes, and materials; and links to the committee report (with recommendations to the Legislature), proposed legislation and maps, and passed legislation and maps.

2001 Second Special Session Passed Bills: includes links to passed bills for Utah's district changes in the House, Senate, State School Board, and US Congress.