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TO: Redistricting Committee

FROM: Stewart E. Smith, Redistricting Team Manager

DATE: April 5, 2001

SUBJECT: April 26 Meeting

Sen. Michael G. Waddoups and Rep. Gerry A. Adair have scheduled a meeting of the Redistricting Committee as follows:

DATE: Thursday, April 26, 2001

TIME: 9:00 a.m.

PLACE: Room 129 State Capitol

An agenda is included. If you are unable to attend, please contact me or Alicia Gambles at 538-1032.


Sen. Michael G. Waddoups, Senate Chair

Rep. Gerry A. Adair, House Chair

Sen. Ron Allen

Sen. Beverly Evans

Sen. Pete Suazo

Sen. John L. Valentine

Rep. Patrice M. Arent

Rep. Chad E. Bennion

Rep. Ron Bigelow

Rep. Jackie Biskupski

Rep. Katherine M. Bryson

Rep. Don E. Bush

Rep. Brent H. Goodfellow

Rep. James R. Gowans

Rep. Wayne A. Harper

Rep. Thomas V. Hatch

Rep. Loraine T. Pace

Rep. Jack A. Seitz

Rep. LaWanna Shurtliff

Rep. Glenn L. Way



Thursday, April 26, 2001 - 9:00 a.m. - Room 129 State Capitol

1. Committee Business

Introductions of Committee and Staff

Chairmen's Introductory Remarks

2. Introduction to Apportionment and Redistricting

An overview will be provided of the process, population shifts, and staff work leading up to the present time.

Staff Presentation - Stewart Smith

Committee Discussion

3. Legal Guidelines for Redistricting

The legal parameters for drawing plans that will stand up in court will be presented.

Staff Presentation - John Fellows

Committee Discussion

4. Redistricting Principles

The principles that will guide the redistricting process and the work of the Redistricting Committee will be the subject of committee discussion and action.

Staff Presentation - Stewart Smith

Public Input

Committee Discussion and Action

5. Committee Questions

6. Additional Public Input

7. Future Meeting Schedule

8. Adjourn