Fiscal Note

HB0074 - Athletic Trainer Licensing Act

State Impact:
In the first year, the board will meet monthly to establish new professional regulations at a cost of $5,200. Board costs in the second year will drop to $1,300. There is also a $7,000 one-time cost to develop a Utah Law/Rule exam that would be required for licensure in addition to completion of a national certification exam. The first year net impact of costs compared to revenues from licensing fees is negative $1,700 to the Commerce Service Fund. However, this is based on a two-year renewal cycle. In the third year of operations, revenues go to $12,900. Spending from the Commerce Service Fund could affect revenue available to the General Fund.

Funding SourceFY 2007
FY 2008
FY 2007
FY 2008
Commerce Service Fund$12,200$1,300$10,500$3,500




Individual and Business Impact:
Revenue estimates are based on 150 applicants the first year with a fee of $70. Afterward new applicants will number about 50 annually with renewal fees of $47.

Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst
1/16/2006, 11:18:27 AM