Fiscal Note

HB0109S03 - Sales and Use Tax - Food and Food Ingredients

State Impact:
Passage of this bill could reduce the General Fund by $35,000,000 in FY 2007 and by $70,000,000 in FY 2008. There is an appropriation to the Tax Commission of $6,000,000 to implement the provisions of the bill.

Funding SourceFY 2007
FY 2008
FY 2007
FY 2008
General Fund$0$0($35,000,000)($70,000,000)
General Fund, One-Time$6,000,000$0$0$0




Individual and Business Impact:
Individuals could see a reduction in food tax purchases of 2 percent.

Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst
3/1/2006, 7:48:53 PM