Fiscal Note

HB0319S02 - Review and Approval of Grants

State Impact:
Enactment of this bill will not require additional appropriations. The bill will require additional reviews of grants received by state agencies. It is unknown how many grants will be reviewed; depending on actual workload the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget may need additional funds for personnel. High impact grants will require legislative approval prior to an agency obligating the state. The bill may cause a delay in accepting or receiving some non-routine grants, but in such cases would also delay incursion of costs.

Individual, Business and/or Local Impact:
Enactment of this bill likely will not result in direct, measurable costs and/or benefits for individuals, businesses, or local governments.

2/27/2008, 10:24:16 AM, Lead Analyst: Allred, S.Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst