Fiscal Note - State of Utah - 2011 General Session

SB0138S05 - Driver License Qualification Amendments

State Government (UCA 36-12-13(2)(b)):
Enactment of this bill will cost the Department of Public Safety $464,800 in one-time Dedicated Credits in FY 2011 for programming changes, personnel and renovation. The Department will annually collect $543,300 in Dedicated Credits for collecting fingerprints, photographs, and performing background checks for about 41,000 current driving privilege card holders beginning in FY 2012. The Department of Public Safety may collect as much as $55 per applicant to: take fingerprints ($15); perform regional criminal background checks ($20); take a photograph ($15); and retain fingerprints ($5). These fees may result in Dedicated Credits revenue of as much as $1.7 million in FY 2012 and $82,500 per year thereafter.

State Budget Detail TableFY 2011FY 2012FY 2013
Dedicated Credits$0$1,742,500$82,500
   Total Revenue$0$1,742,500$82,500
Dedicated Credits$464,800$543,300$82,500
   Total Expenditure$464,800$543,300$82,500
Net Impact, All Funds (Rev.-Exp.)($464,800)$1,199,200$0
   Net Impact, General/Education Funds (Rev.-Exp.)$0$0$0

Local Governments (UCA 36-12-13(2)(c)):
To the extent that driving privilege card holders use local law enforcement for fingerprinting, local governments may incur a cost. Those local governments could also collect fees to offset the cost of fingerprinting.

Direct Expenditures by Utah Residents and Businesses (UCA 36-12-13(2)(d)):
Approximately 41,000 driving privilege card holders may pay as much as $55 more in FY 2012 for fingerprinting and background checks. The total impact on this population would be up to $2,255,000.

3/10/2011, 2:58:01 PM, Lead Analyst: Ricks, G./Attny: SCHOffice of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst