Fiscal Note - State of Utah - 2012 General Session

HB0272S05 - Pilot Program for Autism Spectrum Disorders Services

State Government (UCA 36-12-13(2)(b)):
This bill transfers $1,500,000 in General Fund appropriations from the Department of Human Services - Child and Family Services to the Department of Health - Medicaid Optional Services one-time in FY 2012. A one-time FY 2012 General Fund appropriation of $3,000,000 is made to the DOH Medicaid Optional Services. The bill also transfers $1,000,000 from General Fund one-time to the General Fund Autism Restricted account and $1,000,000 from the General Fund Autism Restricted Account to the Children with Special Health Care Needs in FY 2013. The bill also authorizes the Medicaid program to retain up to $4.5 million per year in unspent balances in FY 2012 and in FY 2013 and directs that nonlapsing funds be used to provide services to children with autism spectrum disorder. The bill also directs the Public Employees Health Plan to use excess funds in the state risk pool contingency reserve to provide services to up to 50 children at a maximum annual benefit of $30,000 each.

State Budget Detail TableFY 2012FY 2013FY 2014
General Fund, One-Time$3,000,000$1,000,000$0
Nonlapsing Funds$4,500,000$4,500,000$0
   Total Expenditure$7,500,000$5,500,000$0
Net Impact, All Funds (Rev.-Exp.)($7,500,000)($5,500,000)$0
   Net Impact, General/Education Funds (Rev.-Exp.)($3,000,000)($1,000,000)$0

Local Governments (UCA 36-12-13(2)(c)):

Direct Expenditures by Utah Residents and Businesses (UCA 36-12-13(2)(d)):

3/8/2012, 4:02:47 PM, Lead Analyst: Bleazard, M./Attny: CJDOffice of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst