Fiscal Note - State of Utah - 2012 General Session

HB0094 - Government Competition with Private Enterprise

State Government (UCA 36-12-13(2)(b)):
Enactment of this bill may cost the Department of Administrative Services $10,000 per year ongoing from the General Fund for workload increases at the Privatization Policy Board. Other state agencies report that the cost of the bill could range from $0 to $24,000 each for studies required in the bill. Agencies might also experience cost savings from ceasing activities that the Privatization Policy Board determines can reasonably be performed by private enterprise. Additional costs to the state may occur in the event that individuals and businesses exercise the private right of action established in this bill and courts find against the State.

State Budget Detail TableFY 2012FY 2013FY 2014
General Fund$0$10,000$10,000
   Total Expenditure$0$10,000$10,000
Net Impact, All Funds (Rev.-Exp.)$0($10,000)($10,000)
   Net Impact, General/Education Funds (Rev.-Exp.)$0($10,000)($10,000)

Local Governments (UCA 36-12-13(2)(c)):
Local governments may incur costs to complete studies required by this bill. The bill may reduce costs to local governments that perform commercial activities that the Privatization Board determines can reasonably be performed by private enterprise. Local governments may also incur additional legal costs to defend and to reimburse private legal action allowed by the bill.

Direct Expenditures by Utah Residents and Businesses (UCA 36-12-13(2)(d)):
Enactment of this bill likely will not result in direct, measurable expenditures by Utah residents or businesses.

2/1/2012, 9:39:17 AM, Lead Analyst: Amon, R./Attny: ERBOffice of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst