Fiscal Note - State of Utah - 2012 General Session

HB0384S01 - Sales and Use Tax Seller Nexus Amendments

State Government (UCA 36-12-13(2)(b)):
Enactment of this bill may increase revenue to the General Fund by $5,600,000 in FY2013 and by $5,800,000 in FY2014. The Legislative General Counsel has attached a detailed Legislative Review Note to this bill. If provisions of the bill are challenged in court, there will be costs associated with defending those provisions.

State Budget Detail TableFY 2012FY 2013FY 2014
General Fund$0$5,800,000$5,800,000
General Fund, One-Time$0($200,000)$0
   Total Revenue$0$5,600,000$5,800,000
Net Impact, All Funds (Rev.-Exp.)$0$5,600,000$5,800,000
   Net Impact, General/Education Funds (Rev.-Exp.)$0$5,600,000$5,800,000

Local Governments (UCA 36-12-13(2)(c)):
Enactment of this bill could increase local revenue by $2,400,000 in FY2013 and by $2,500,000 in FY2014.

Direct Expenditures by Utah Residents and Businesses (UCA 36-12-13(2)(d)):
Individuals and businesses may pay cumulatively an additional $8,000,000 in sales tax in FY2013 and an additional $8,300,000 in FY2014. Individual amounts will be dependent upon taxable purchases made in a given year.

2/28/2012, 9:42:29 AM, Lead Analyst: Wilko, A./Attny: RLROffice of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst